Future of FinTech Industry Looks Promising

With the government’s flagship program, Digital India, the acceptance of digital payments and the possibility of a seamless payment experience have played an important role in realizing the vision of a digitally powerful economy. With the introduction of emerging technologies like AI and ML, fintech players are benefiting at the same time. Fintech participants expect the industry to expand and enter new areas of financial transactions. Previously, most technology companies provided products and services to banks through end-to-end support. Over the years, India has made great strides in accepting fintech services in terms of speed and reach. The pandemic has been a driving force behind digital payments and everyone in all areas has learned to do digital commerce and online transactions. This creates an immediate need for a safer and more efficient experience, both online and offline. At the same time, the Indian government, through its various financial institutions, envisions a cashless society. But it is a dream that will take some time to come true. On the other hand, technology managers from different companies will play an important role in applying technology to promote efficiency and growth, which will lead to higher profitability. A technical expert says government support, which provides sufficient liquidity through regulated banks and NBFCs, will also provide the necessary support for fintech to move towards a positive approach.

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