Driving Green FinTech Innovation Through The Private Sector

The future of humanity is threatened by many challenges, such as climate change, malnutrition, corruption, poor health and education, crime, soil, air and water pollution, and so on. Solutions to these challenges require large financial investments, but the current pace of the financial movement towards sustainable development has been very slow. Innovative solutions, such as Green FinTech innovations – an innovative financial services solution supported by technologies developed by new companies, established technology companies, or traditional financial service providers, with the aim of increasing the flow of financial resources to sustainably increase the development – may be needed to speed up resource allocation. That is why it is important to stimulate and support the development of these innovations. The development of this support requires knowledge of the steps that innovators take during the process, from the conception of an innovative idea to its implementation. It also requires knowledge of which individual, internal, and external organizational factors in the company affect the process and how these factors affect the process. This study provides insight into the innovation process of Green FinTech innovations by conducting semi-structured interviews with the first three cases, SDG-Investments and Der Finanzoptimist in the Frankfurt region, Germany.

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