A parliamentary panel is investigating big tech for potential anti-competitive behaviour. [demo]

A legislative antitrust committee quizzed senior executives from Apple, Amazon and Netflix today about big companies’ business plans and how they affect smaller rivals, the sources said.

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance led by Lok Sabha member Jayant Sinha, looked at a range of topics relating to market competitiveness Some of the top technological firms in the world will address the panel on Tuesday.

Many technical platforms and businesses have recently come under fire for alleged anti-competitive behaviour. The Lok Sabha Secretariat published a statement detailing the meeting’s agenda, which included “oral exams by representatives of large technology organisations on the topic of “anti-competitive” practises by huge companies.”

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the panellists were concerned about whether or not large tech genuinely benefits small vendors. They inquired as to the actions taken to guarantee the welfare of small merchants.

The panel has previously discuss with local start-ups including the All India Gaming Association, cab aggregator Ola, and food delivery services Swiggy and Zomato. The representatives of these firms had brought up concerns about major aggressive pricing practises and lack of platform equity.

The speaker, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “The panel members didn’t get into arguments over deep discounts and other price issues. There was no interrogation from the committee members during the productive conversation.

The Competition Commission of India is intended to have more responsibility as a result of the Bill (CCI). Before the measure is up for consideration, the committee will probably provide the parliament its report.

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