With costs fluctuating from one day to the next and customers’ purses tightening due to the rising cost of living, you know you must take action to ensure you’re pricing competitively while protecting margins.This article thoroughly reviews the mistakes to avoid when migrating from Excel or other in-house legacy systems to an enterprise pricing software solution.  It will analyze why they happen, how to avoid them and what can happen if you slip up.

You are well aware of how important a lever pricing is and you’re curious about how pricing software might help. Would it really bring substantial benefits? And if so, how? Which type of pricing software would provide most value to your business?

At Pricefx, one of the world’s leading pricing software vendors, we have helped hundreds of businesses over the last 10 years in selecting and configuring the technological tools they require for pricing in their unique business in order to meet their specific goals.

In this article, we walk through each type of pricing software and explore what it does, how it does it, and the benefits it brings. It is important to note that when we talk about “types” of pricing software we are referring to how they might be colloquially referred to and their functionality.

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