Review of the Fintech categories and the most famous Fintech start-ups


Technology and technology are a global hot topic. There are several types of early Fintech categories companies, such as credit, finance, payroll, and self-employment. In this section, we examine some of the technical training and start-ups of well-known Iranian limited companies.

Introduction and Literature Review

Fintech categories technology (Fintech) is used to describe new technologies aimed at improving and enhancing the provision and use of financial services and products. It uses fintech to help businesses, business owners, and customers better manage their finances, operations, and lifestyles using selected programs and computer algorithms, and smartphones. Fintech is a financial technology coalition. There are several research schools in the area and we have already studied some of the most important ones. A study by Gai et al., 2018, examined the new success of fintech writing. This project aims to promote Fintech education by collecting and evaluating current achievements, which provide a comprehensive basis based on Fintech data. Five areas must be selected, including security and privacy, activities, tools and equipment, books and administrators, and moderation services. The main results of this project are the key to creating a strong fintech solution. (Gai et al., 2018). The second study provides an overview of the history of Fintech and the environmental impact of the fintech industry. Then they think of different fintech companies and planting methods. This feature is the use of data for FinTech’s financial conflicts. Finally, technology and fashion courses will be conducted for the original fintech and current financial institutions. (Lee et al., 2018). We can also find interesting tips in fintech books. Part of a book on the widespread use of this technology – often referred to as the blockchain – is changing the way the financial services industry takes advantage of the opportunity to build a home that can raise money. Researchers discuss the risks and challenges of using block circuits and evaluate possible uses. (Arslanian et al., 2019). In one review, researchers reviewed fintech, reviewed some of the proposed programs, and reviewed key documents. This study consists of four main research questions. This article summarizes their understanding of these issues and concludes with future research questions (Amer et al., 2015). Some provide an overview of the entire German Fintech market. This study shows that FinTech’s business models are defined, marketed, and improved in the affected areas under consideration (Dorfleitner et al., 2017).

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