Innovation in Payments – The Future is Fintech

Executive Summary

Fintech is changing the face of the global award. Global investment in business growth doubled in 2014 to the US $ 12 billion.1 as Innovation new payment technology emerges, modern technology has changed the origins and operations of businesses. It is no longer a matter of money or the means to pay for it quickly, but a lot of thinking about what it means to be “good” and how to do it. It becomes a problem and an opportunity for banks.

A new type of non-financial banking company has started making money, from fintech starters (those who see self-defense technology to bring about payroll development) to start businesses. Free (for example, Facebook and Apple). Some fintech has received their first license from a multi-billion dollar company: about 4,000 fintech tanks are in operation and more than a dozen of them are worth more than $ 1 billion by paying their customers to support their first (unpaid) business. By the way, they direct the charging – just like you – to pay for the next level with speed, ease, efficiency, and multi-channel performance.

We see information in different payment regions and markets. Major changes include the payment of assets, resulting in a reduction in assistance from financial services. The foreign exchange (FX) market is being monitored by non-banks, who use that opportunity to save money. Instead of mass marketing and corporate payroll, innovation and innovation solutions have helped all business-like businesses like SEPA and TARGET2, create market conditions and increase rewards.

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