Financial Management, Environmental Risks, and Sustainable Business Practices


This focus focuses on the role of financial security in resolving the stability and risks of a business or enterprise. This study aims to identify the needs and characteristics required in management launch, taking into account the function of financial management and business stability. The researcher uses the literature review method to obtain information and information on the topic. This study found that several factors need to be considered in managing financial and stability and risk, such as reinvestment, customer satisfaction, and profit, as well as many other business factors. Understanding product integration is important because it is the key to a successful and competitive business. In other words, businesses and communities are only concerned with how you maintain business, regional and economic stability. Again, look for businesses that are not harmful to the environment and society. Then again, there is potential for having different models and solutions for finding the best business investment. The researcher appreciated the importance of recognizing the risks associated with powerful businesses because all businesses are risky.


The development of any business requires good financial management. Concerns such as planting, renting, of course, keep all customers connected to business management managers. Siminica, Motoi, and Dumitru (2017) defined finance and business finance as non -management. This is the ultimate goal of financial security: the role of the honest employee working under the same mandate. They were asked to make the right financial decisions at the right time so that the business could find safe jobs that would lead to strong growth. And again, a complete understanding of finance and good planning is the key to successful project management. Investment funds are successful because they are the first step in guiding this investment.

In the management process, various approaches must be passed through selection to ensure a clear and effective evaluation. Any finance department is responsible for everything they do. In the case of supply chain management, there must be an employee in the business because the business cannot operate without partners, for example, customers, stakeholders, employers, and all other businesses (Galazova, Manuylenko, Morgoev, Lipchiu, & Big nova, 2017). Consumers are at the forefront of business growth and profitability; therefore, they should support and see customer satisfaction through the professional delivery of products and services. Sustainable development also requires the business to do more with the environment as it will develop and be used as a manufacturing product that should protect the environment.

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