Don’t Wreck Your Recs – Perfect Your Financial Controls Regime

Reconciliations form the foundation of a tightly controlled Financial or operations department in any organization. Transparent, up-to-date, and accurate financial data is not just essential for regulators or auditors, but it is increasingly an important tool for the executive branch to shape corporate strategy. However, the process for doing so is often far from perfect.

 As ‘Don’t Wreck Your Recs’ details, perfecting a firm’s reconciliations and controls regime can be difficult due to a whole host of reasons. Building an automated reconciliation framework can be an expensive, complex, and time-consuming process, tying up crucial business and IT resources with often the wrong result being delivered.

Our presentation lists 9 of the most common pitfalls of manual or semi-automated reconciliations and financial data management, and in turn, shows how we at AutoRek approach these challenges

At AutoRek, we aim to provide a perfect “Golden Source” for all of your financial control data.

Download your complimentary copy of this presentation to discover how AutoRek®, our flagship automated reconciliations solution, adopts an iterative 6-step approach to perfecting your financial controls regime. This presentation also explains the typical benefits your firms may receive in the immediate period post-implementation and recur thereafter.

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