Advancing System Authentication & Improving User Sign up Process for Banking Applications


As technology changes every day, banks are moving from paper-based Advancing business solutions to current technologies such as mobile phones and websites. With more phones than computers on the market, mobile banking has become more powerful in recent years. [1] However, they still use strict procedures that require the user to complete all the details. This study aims to improve user registration. All the lawyers have to do is check the government documents and the examiner will get their details. The Advancing system scans documents using a barcode or QR code.


The use and development of mobile phones is a new phenomenon and growing rapidly. These are the people and organizations in developing countries that are recognizing mobile phones. Mobile phones that use a small portable device are portable, easy to use, and can be used anywhere. These programs not only harm users but also affect businesses. Most businesses make money using smartphones

To address the concerns of mobile users, mobile users need to better understand security and privacy practices when creating security and privacy solutions, attracting new customers, and addressing existing challenges. While security and privacy continue to be important to software users, understanding their security concepts and their interactions will help software developers provide better security. The combination of security and privacy policies is contrary to the disclosure of secrets. Resulting in lower prices. , time and effort to use your phone safely.



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