A Mini-Review on Sustainable Financial Management Practices


In financial matters, management systems are widely used that emphasizes the importance of environmental protection and protection, as highlighted in this research. Important financial management decisions are not limited to marketing opportunities, investment opportunities, and distribution opportunities. Financial efficiency leads to the continuous and regular financing of essential investments. Financial management also facilitates the use of resources and the use of resources to achieve the goal of increasing profits. The most important tasks of a supervisor are to set up financial requirements, amount of money, including financial planning and financial flow manager.


Financial management requires leadership, planning, management, and financial, including sound financial. This includes the application of rules in an efficient financial system. Financial is very important in managing financial matters such as risk analysis, operations, cash flow, payments, and everything related to the organization. Save money in an organization that ensures a proper and positive attitude towards day-to-day operations and the satisfaction of all employees. Many organizations that have never tried to move resources often face serious challenges that affect their growth and development.

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