Vardhaman Credit Cooperative Society improving Access to Finance with Nelito’s FinCraft™ Door Step Banking

Vardhaman Credit Cooperative Society (Vardhaman Nagari Sahakari Pathasanstha Ltd.) is one of the leading Microcredit Corporations in Rural India. % NPA indicates the success of the financial test capacity. The association is the only association that collects 100 rupees.

While the organization has achieved improvements in financial resources, it also demonstrates representative public health standards by regularly organizing various health camps, such as police camps. , blood donation camps, experiments. Children’s health, free consultations with gynecologists, etc. The organization, which operates as a district, provides support for the treatment of twenty different members of the disease.

Extension software includes the following product features and options:

  • Setting Desk / Phone Status (DSB) (Native Program)
  • Special DSB registration form for new locations and affiliates

To do this, they contacted Melito Systems Ltd, which has over 22 years of experience designing and implementing commercial banking solutions around the world.

Melito Systems Ltd. is an Indian technology company that combines technology solutions and software services in banking, financial services, and microfinance with global government initiatives. Founded in 1995, Nelito has more than 400+ investment funds and 25+ microfinance and non -banking entrepreneurs on four continents in 19 countries.

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