RBL – Ratnakar Bank Limited implements Finacle e-Banking Solution

Ratnakar Bank Limited (RBL) is a regulated bank headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Founded in August 1943, the bank has significant working capital, $ 0.64 million.

The bank provides services under six selected companies, including:

  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Annoying commercial banks
  • Banks and commercial banks
  • Commercial banking
  • Money and finance

RBL Bank is one of the fastest-growing state-owned banks in India and has a nationwide presence. It has 26 branches, 233 foreign banking networks, and 333 ATMs in all 20 states and regions of India in June.

RBL Bank selects Edge Verve Finance’s electronic banking application for Finacle customer service as well as corporate Financial Services and travel information. Melito Systems and Edge Verve are trying to move the bank from their legacy to the latest banking application to meet customer needs quickly and efficiently.

Melito Systems Ltd. is an Indian technology company that integrates banking, finance, and microfinance technology solutions and software services with global government initiatives. Founded in 1995, Nelito has more than 400 ++ banking and 25+ micro and other merchants in 19 countries on four continents.

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