Nelito Systems Ltd. develops Candidate Life Cycle Management Solution (CLMS) for the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF)


The Banking and Financial Institute (IIBF) was the first banking and financial institution. Nelito Systems The IIBF was established in 1928 to promote professional development, banking and professional development, basic education, training, research, maintenance / mentoring, and the development of specific programs. Since its inception, the agency has issued several letters, diplomas, and certificates to banks developing the program.

The IIBF needs a broadcast solution that will help alleviate employee pain, concerns about current science and technology. The solution offers its subsidiaries reliable and economical services, optimization opportunities, cutting-edge technology, and operational marketing. The problem-solving program includes a variety of members, performance testing and communication with external companies, demo platform, etc. planning and decision making.

Nelito Systems Ltée. has set up a CLMS in collaboration with the IIBF for a representative of health professionals who will create a global response to the IIBF.

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