Insurance Representative A leading Insurance Representative (MGA) receives a 75% test exam with Test Automation

About the consumer

The client is one of the Chief Officers (MGA) in the United States, a link between the insurer and the Insurance Representative company. Their expertise includes developing a specific insurance policy based on specific risk tests and clients ’specific Insurance Representative requirements. Their website’s application form is used for complex situations involving writing, application and policy risks, and generating reports about regulatory requirements.

Business problems

• Legacy VB6.0 server applications must be available to host a modern web application with smooth operation and enhanced features

• Display a lot of light data transferred from the registry to the website

• All organizations with high and complex government records need to be treated carefully

• The application is grouped into multiple players divided into a single cigarette – marketing, products, producers, contractors, auditors, taxes and government debt, terrorism, etc.

• Review of changes and reimbursement of tests – During life insurance, small changes can have a significant impact on both patient and client.

Difficult solution

knowledge of the insurance industry, an understanding of the patient’s business model, and knowledge of QA operations equip them to properly handle many complex Test Automation issues. Integrity is guaranteed in all change reports. The bookstore website and portal have been updated using Angular.

• There are over 2000+ cases with 60+ images designed and implemented that will result in high-quality testing.

• Track and monitor website properties on Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

• More than 35% of survey evaluations were carried out, with a road map up to 65%. At all times, the team is careful not to overdo the existing changes.

• Business performance skills are introduced in the exam. The application is filed following national and local laws. The changes may affect taxes and fees that apply in all areas.

• The team makes sure to test the model in the end. Each module is complex and there is a lot of evidence that needs to be presented in the background such as a series of monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. As financial components in all cases, QA teams ensure the security of high-quality data and data.


• Significant value throughout the cycle – From 1 week to half a day

• 75% additional test value in the Aptitude Test

• Discharge speed due to fast test speed

• Marketing time for new features below 50%

• Summarize skin density accuracy (DER) to 0.3

• Record reliability in weight records

• Help the customer understand about the facelift without having to worry about reviewing the existing facelift

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