In recent years, there has been a global trend towards the confluence of finance and IT in the form of fintech, leading to the emergence of various financial services. In Southeast Asia, this has led to the proliferation of several FINANCIAL TECHNOLOGY ventures, especially problem-solving problems that see financial problems in Southeast Asia as a business opportunity. These companies use technologies and business models from developed countries and China as tools to solve problems.

Another feature of these companies is the ability to combine high- and low-tech approaches according to local conditions, introducing advanced technologies, while preserving traditional methods. The client business paved the way for the introduction of the integrated digital fintech bank to the Southeast Asian market, but the recent or outdated applications have made it very difficult to meet customer expectations in this competitive environment.


 Qualitative and quantitative conclusions have been used in the report to determine the objectives. The approach focused not only on field data but also on the views and opinions of other researchers. The report then used a series of online articles, online reviews, reports, and books to address it.


This case study did not explicitly mention the type of services and methodology for the provision of wealth management. But in line with recent industry trends, robot consultants have increased. Essentially, they are digital platforms that provide automated, algorithm-based financial planning services with little or no human oversight (Investopedia, 2020)

 IT security

The customer uses an exclusive banking model that is fully available online. It goes without saying that cybersecurity is critical to the business. The bank’s IT department struggled to manage the security risk. The security of internet banking can be compromised by the customer himself, for example by a malicious program on the user’s computer and by opening unsolicited e-mails. In addition, fishing poses another threat. The modus operandi aims to trick victims into voluntarily entering their passwords and other confidential information. This cybercrime can happen to anyone in all walks of life, even those with technical experience. When a phishing attack succeeds, it has negative consequences for the organization, revenue, and the end-user. Banks offering online banking services in Malaysia such as:

From time to time, Maybank and CIMB recommend precautions on their platform to ensure a safe user experience.


One of the greatest strengths of FinTech’s widespread adoption of online banking services is information, anytime, anywhere. By using various electronic services, customers will be amazed by the services offered. They usually do not understand the many offers, the method, and how they can help you. It is also possible that the services are only beneficial to some users and not to others.

Implementing an integrated digital FinTech is a costly affair for the customer. They may find it difficult if they are not old enough. Awareness and acquisition of customers is therefore also an investment that the customer must make. There must be some form of training or education for customers in financial services.

Technology-related products have a short life cycle and change very quickly. Therefore, banks must invest and plan carefully before accepting new services. Electronic financial services are subject to organizational risks in financial services. This can be due to misunderstandings about roles or roles, division of tasks, etc. To reduce this risk, it is essential to implement management information systems correctly.

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