Customer Service Portal Solution

Customer History

The client offers a wide range of insurance and financial services covering a wide range of different personalities, risk and disability insurance markets in 47 locations, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. These high-quality products are offered directly to the public, offering satisfactory great rewards through discount programs.

The problem

The Service company was founded on a significant business basis, as a large proportion of Americans are insured in the current climate. The company offers retirement benefits of up to $ 5 a week and 100 percent mobile and phone, low communication, and customer focus.

Otherwise, without the strength of the site, it will have to be put in the hands of paper users and it will take a lot of time to work with employees, which affects staff, finances, and workforce.

With the lack of internet communication, the company provided additional funding for personal representatives and other developers to achieve the goal and build relationships with customers Service.

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