Business Automating processes improves the revenue and customer experiences of the investment firm

Customer Information

The company is one of the largest independent full-service investment business advisory firms in Massachusetts. It serves 360 storage ratios with assets of $ 1 billion and about $ 63 billion in alternative assets.


The company evaluates and advises portfolio management, such as private equity, real estate, and hedge funds, which provide attractive diversification and hedge against the negative effects of inflation. Compared to traditional equity and fixed-income investments, 25 dedicated client wealth researchers offer their nearly 250 clients an attractive total return on more than $ 70 billion in options.

Research professionals relied on an old portal that helped investors find and identify leaders who could share and invest in customized investment plans. Based on potential investment needs, advisors manually take data from existing clients, use tools to predict similar investments and make presentations, and present this information in a map format.

Business challenges

• Investment advisors have spent a lot of time and effort (sometimes several weeks) preparing preparations, gathering information from various systems, and compiling it manually.

• Human intervention also causes mistakes that are sometimes proven costly (poor analysis leads to customer dissatisfaction and successful spending). The error also leads to regulatory abuse.

Customer needs

• With an aggressive growth plan, the client seeks a partner to build a portal that integrates several existing independent systems to analyze data and create presentations in a fully automated format.

• After the presentation, the counselor plans based on existing intelligence and invests it in clients. In the case of exponential growth plans, this phase had to be automated so that investment managers could make the best decisions on behalf of clients.

Business solution

• Trigent engineers have diligently designed existing systems and reflected business requirements in detail. The application project in the .NET Framework was compatible with many browsers, devices, and operating systems. This helped the portal “talk” with different systems and brought a new level of interaction for the application.

• Integrate engineers with other customer-driven systems – investment, which would help investment managers identify and take advantage of global investment trends, and D365, their CRM system for obtaining current customer data.

• In addition to integrating these systems, Trigent engineers have created SSIS packages for storing, retrieving, and converting data.

• Fully automated application testing to ensure it is smooth and safe.

• A comprehensive self-service application has automated the creation and publication of the entire search book.

• The application uses desktop applications like Word, PowerPoint to create multiple parts of the book.

A simple wizard guides users step by step through a well-defined process.

• The system also lets users store their preferences and replace feeds in the book for controlled customization.

• The application provided clients with integrated and automated search and decision-making services for investment managers.

• Investment Manager Search Book Application – The new investment manager search query helps clients find, evaluate and find suitable investment managers. Intuitively, the system automatically generates quantitative and qualitative data and formal analysis after the initial study. The network delivered the final report in a format that made it easier for customers to understand. The fully automated process was shortened from a week to less than an hour.

• Separate services – Another value-added service was the provision of separate services. With this feature, asset managers can make investment decisions for clients. The application denied all risks and complied with the findings of the authorities. The application user has helped consultants gather 10 years of data to provide clients with investment methods methodically and accurately.

Customer benefits

• Monitor, summarize and visualize key performance indicators.

• The time for creating application books has been reduced to a few hours a week, which helps fund managers respond more quickly.

• Reduce errors by 70% by improving compliance.

• Better customer service and lower costs.

• Authorized investment managers with accurate knowledge to make quick decisions.

• Improved operational efficiency up to 80%.

• Integration into data streams guarantees 100% data accuracy.

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