Bhutan Development Bank Mobile Banking Solution

Limited Bhutan Development Bank (BDB) received support from the Royal Charter in January 1988 and is currently a home development bank and testing facility. To serve more than 1.80 million customers, BDB wants to design and deploy a mobile banking program that meets daily Bhutan banking needs such as interest rates on investments, transfers, bills, etc. for easy tracking on their phones (Android and iOS).

Key requirements

  • Head of power
  • Summary of the Information and Information Council
  • Watch the story
  • Assist the administration
  • Money transfer
  • The account itself
  • BIPS currency exchange


Reports and deposits:

Available for all banking transactions as a single transaction, savings accounts, deposits, EMI payments are deposited in banks. View and download data in PDF format, request FD / RD, and more

Currency exchange:

Exchange money through the mobile app for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Don’t just transfer money to your account, change money on your mobile phone and get free money

No reading cards:

Card delivery Cardless payment services, an easy and secure way to send money around the clock, register with a bank. The payer has to make a deposit and can quickly withdraw money from ATMs without a debit card using the information received via SMS.

Pay bills anywhere, anytime.

The phone allows program users to pay their bills without waiting in line. You can exclude the product from your invoice, shipping cost, and immediate payment

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