Bank of Maharashtra implements Finito Craft * Nelito and MIS Reporting Suite automated data flow (ADF)

Bank of Maharashtra has a large branch and all the banks of the Public Ministry of Maharashtra Bank. The bank has 15 million customers in height and breadth and has been working with 1,895 branches and 162 ATMs since April 5, 2016.

The bank has adapted its services well to the needs of different population groups and brought the latest technology to the bank, which offers a wide range of services. The products and services offered by the Bank include the required terms, investment period, working capital, long-term borrowing, financial business, store loans, public sector business, Bank’s advertising business, finance, and other services such as demat, lock, and trade bank and so on.

In 2010, the Bank acquired 100% of CBS transactions at any time as a bank for its customers.

The main project is the completion, installation, operation, and configuration of Maharashtra Bank’s complete MIS information system, and it also includes data inventory.

The quad system installed ADF Reporting Suite Fin Craft ™ ADF in Maharashtra Bank (BoM) to enable the Bank through an independent data management system and content management system for content management. Alito’s Systems Ltd. An Indian financial technology company providing software solutions and services for banking, financial services, and microfinance, and government regulations worldwide. Founded in 1995, Nelito has more than four hundred ++ consumer banks and about 25+ consumer banks in 19 countries in four countries.

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