Application lifecycle testing for basic investment advice

About the company

The plant is one of the most independent search companies in the country, lifecycle serving more than 300 lifecycle customers and with a turnover of $ 700 million. Its base in Cambridge, Massachusetts, provides integration and alternative currency exchange, management, advice, and counseling in the areas of benefits, fundamentals, insurance, and independent finance.


The company creates a workbook that shows financial results and financial documents through various activity documents. These data are used to evaluate and evaluate financial results. Tables on a map or chart that show price, risks/trends, actions, quick response, and more.

Platforms based on the .NET platform collect data from different platforms and use SharePoint to monitor performance. The challenge is to model the integration between this value, design, and these processes. Most UI settings require a lot of functional things. See problems with recent changes and user training.


  • G The requirements were assessed by a professional team that teaches and tests and designs the driving program.
  • The team wrote the results, performance tests, and test reports.
  • Mitchell about 2000+ cases are dedicated to the latter case.
  • The Iwata Team did a test, user interface and test to make sure all the units are working properly and the normal screen is being used again.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the activity reports, the team produced a high-quality document to show the formats and items of the activity reports.
  • Analysis Data analysis and data analysis are done to evaluate the information to look for complete information, update new information, and see if there is a direct loss of information in the literature. Ebbets.
  • After all the tests, the total amount of insurance is 80%.
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