Accident Fund’s Award-Winning PMO Puts Processes before Tools in Implementing Project Portfolio Management

The company

The Accident Fund’s U.S. Insurance Company (Lansing, MI, has a policy that provides paid insurance to employees. Founded in 1912, is the company is a full partner of Michigan Blue Cross Blue Shield.


The Advice and Emergency Office inspect the company’s project file for all business units. CEO Norm Normwalwal then realized that we can know, accept and set goals before they are achieved or Accident funds undermine the establishment of a company. “We have found that one of the most effective ways to improve our community is through development planning (PPM),” he said.

The company was looking for a better way to use valuable and intuitive tools while explaining what to others. To do this, they want the best available; however, the company aimed to avoid frequent declines in operational resources and to ensure that the plan is chosen best met the needs of the organization.


If they are looking for an external partner who works in the PPM software market and can help the Emergency Management Center succeed in selecting and implementing PPM tools, they have turned to PM Solutions. The PM Solutions team is committed to developing a tool to help solve the complexity of emergency management projects; however, at the beginning of the review, the team found that before paying for the PPM programming tool, the emergency plan wanted to address the organization’s existing problems and problems to ensure that the activities they performed were in line with the daily newspaper. Budget, assistance plan, and other objectives of the Managing Authority. According to Buckwalter, “It so happened that we didn’t prepare the actual PPP device. We had to make sure we did everything first.”

Accident Fund’s PM Solutions quickly changed its scope and used the PPM growth and project management maturity model to create a customized plan that includes the various technical strategies of the project management team. PM Solutions was in favor of legalizing the Administrative Office (PMO) as the organization’s board. The team then recommended that a PPM steering committee be set up to monitor this process. The fully operational part closes the gap between project plans and activities/performance, the steering committee raises the point of action to the next step, ensuring that the plans are in line with company policy as usual.


“When we first met to talk about the file, we found that we had a total of 140-70 more programs than we knew were legal,” he says. Buckwalter. “As all major areas have become part of the plan, we have been able to set 40 or 50 development goals. We have also identified ten key goals in our community and expectations have increased.”

The crisis chose the design designed by PPM as its main goal. He said: “If we bought this device without reading the PPM performance test and modeling at PM Solutions – if we put the car in front of the horse – we will break down that part. It’s a huge investment.

“Now we’re moving very fast, using models to make a business a success.”

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