Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited implements Nelito Systems’ FinCraft™ Regulatory Reporting Solution


Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited (Barclays Bank) is sponsored by Absa Group Limited, which is part of financial services in Africa and provides a wide range of banking services to individuals and business companies. The bank provides customers, businesses, retailers, and distributors manage managers with a guarantee of efficiency in all countries in which they operate.

They agree to create opportunities for their customers to see what is possible and support them every step of the way. This team is a future-looking organization, guided by our growth and our desire for digital success.

Absa Bank Mauritius promotes XBRL Advertising is focused on choosing a company that offers the right technology. The holding of the XBRL-ADF election is essential for the ability to participate in the management of the Bank of Mauritius.

Fidel’s FinCraft solution for Nelito Banking Solution Management was chosen because it is integrated with XBRL’s Automated Data Flow (ADF) and non-bank banking engine in Mauritius. Again Nelito was able to create a similar model of Financial Institution in Mauritius. Nelito is producing Disaster Solution (DR) for the Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited project.

Some of the factors that pushed Absa Bank (Mauritius) Limited to choose Nelito are well understood in terms of value and unmet needs, and they can bring more value to this program based on the economy of the event see how to create FinCraft Management solutions at different banks. In addition, the answer is that the ADF functions already integrated into the XBRL engine of this integration will serve the Bank to achieve its objectives.

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