A superior SaaS solution ensures growth for a group insurance platform

Customer information

With over thirty-five years of experience, our client is a well-known online group of insurance management and jurisdiction. SaaS is a consumer platform used by two of the country’s largest insurance companies and several major companies. To date, the platform has managed to exceed $ 1 billion in revenue.


The SaaS platform provides group insurance sales and insurance systems automatically. The platform offers auction, registration, management, and billing services to meet the individual needs of the operator. The client operates in short-term, voluntary, and life insurance for the needs of fewer than 100 employees in the market and SMEs. The customer also provides dental and visual programs through affiliate programs.

Business problems

The customer wanted to redesign the platform to accommodate more sales customers, capture registration information, and shorten insurance times, while increasing the level of productivity. The customer also required employers to use the platform as a stand-alone portal that manages both subscriptions, voices, and reports to reduce the number of services and the cost of the phone service. No matter,

• The current platform has not updated most advertising templates that require style and content.

Although the platform served many users, it had to be designed differently for the needs of most users using the program code.

Because of the wide range of confidential information and the type of purchase, the customer wanted to test the functionality, functionality, and security of the solution.

Enterprise solution

The consultants built many components of the system to improve performance, data integration, and process-based process modification rather than default. The platform is new, adjustable, and refined according to requirements, facilitates and strengthens the existing sales cycle. It allows you to borrow quotations and view all production cases and events to capture business information within all marketing channels.

The major platform images include:

• Opportunities to use white stamps and products for companies and organizations

• The cost of prices for several products for multiple users

• API capability for integration with external systems

• Automatic filling of documents

• Secure online system that collects registration and billing information

• Management of various factory missions

Followed Scrum methods and continued to show usage using CI / CD principles. To ensure quality, rapid delivery of advanced features resulted in continuous testing through rigorous design tests (TDM) and left-handed testing of active and non-functional requirements. Also used an acceptable combination of automatic testing to reduce the type and length of rotation. These advanced and robust tests ensured that complex events, data transfer between modules, and deep interactions with external applications (QuickBooks and GL packages) worked seamlessly, albeit with a lot of data. Field-filled-pre-existing and electronic records for digital storage were licensed and tested.

Customer assistance

With a 75% reduction in sales law to adjust the price, small and medium-sized businesses have a price that applies to online enrollment and management of the insurance group, resulting in lasting customer relationships.

The 100% paperless and usable platform reduced production time from the manufacturer’s process to 3-5 hours and increased seal rate by 400%.

Automatic team test in more than three hundred tests. The substrate was tested for instability and interference. Tested by independent UAT.

The customer base is superior to others by performing all the necessary functions of providing, recording, handling, and collecting high-quality assurance on a single website and single license without human intervention depending on the level or multiple standards.

The customer platform is operated by two of the world’s largest insurance companies and several major consulting firms and offers the price of the software service (SaaS) or centralized mode.

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