What to Look for in a Hybrid Event Platform

The right opportunity platforms can make or break your hybrid opportunity. Find out which experts are essential for hybrid platforms so you can choose the right solution.

As opportunities evolve in a hybrid future, providing a hybrid opportunity platform that provides everything your opportunity team needs to deliver successful in-person and virtual experiences is an important decision. From the registration process to the event itself and the connection, you maintain with your audience long after the day of the event, the right platform has the ability to win audiences, sponsors, and customers, helping you and your team grow.

Industry experts predict the future of events will be bleak. Meanwhile, more than 70% of organizers plan to invest in hybrid resources by 2021, while only 24% of these organizers have experience in the hybrid domain. Here you can save time and money with experienced technology partners, giving the participants and sponsors the best possible result.

But what resources should a platform provider to create an experience that goes beyond virtual or face-to-face?

In this guide, we explore how a hybrid event platform can generate results before, between, and after an event.

Hybrid considerations for the occasion

While so much preparation is event-oriented, everything that precedes it is essential to increase the number of voices and set the tone for the listening experience. “I always try to get people thinking about traveling in public,” said Dan Flynn, Bizzabo manager and veteran of the company.

“The journey to the day of the event is the same for both viewers because it’s all digital marketing,” he says. “If you’re looking for the best solution, you need a platform to help you with more than just the experience of the day.”

A report examining the criteria for successful providers of event management solutions from leading global research and consulting firm Forrester Research agrees.

Hybrid media considerations for events

After all the prep work has been done, it is time for the opportunity. This is where the right platform can make a big difference in the hybrid space. Because the virtual and face-to-face audience differs in this, the platform is the central place where the entire event takes place. “The platform is an opportunity,” says Dan.

With so much to do on the platform, another key in choosing the right partner is to find a partner with a proven track record of security and stability. If the flow slows down during a true hybrid event, the audience will take as much damage as the virtual competitors. If the experiences are really combined, the platform has to be incredibly stable,” says Dan. What someone is looking for on a platform doesn’t necessarily have to be all of the excellent and brilliant external assets – is their architecture good enough to support your event?

Hybrid considerations below

When the opportunity is over, the right platform can still serve you. One of the ways hybrid events are unique is that they can extend their lives more easily than a traditional face-to-face event.

Since hybrid events naturally contain a virtual component, each session is now automatically logged and saved. Event organizers can later use it for reuse and even make registration available at a lower price to maximize their investment in an event.

“It’s been a huge boon to the events industry because you can collect leads and fill the funnel after the event,” said Dan. A platform should also help with the experience. Organizers really need to pay close attention to how they can make the recorded content accessible to everyone after the event. “

Event analytics is another area where a platform can provide additional value for organizers and sponsors. It can be easier to analyze visitor activity with virtual visitor tracking, where you can track exactly how many interactions a sponsor has overheard with your audience.

Consider the following when considering the results of the event analysis:

Emerging Insights in Advanced Events: Insights are repetitive. Once you have a broad understanding of the possibilities for demonstrating what works, you can apply it immediately and deliver exactly what your customers and sponsors want from the start. Choose an event platform that allows you to discover valuable information to see how attendees attend and treat sponsors, registrations, session attendance, duration of (virtual) attendance, session ratings and feedback, mobile app, sponsorship link, and other event statistics.

• Unlock data to prove ROI: With a platform that integrates with the rest of your marketing stack, you get more value from the data you collect and use it to improve your marketing programs. You can rest assured that your operations are aligned with the business and that you are delivering the value the company expects of you. And make it easier to show the value of your opportunity, the value of your opportunity. Find a platform that can generate these results through an open and customizable API that can be tailored to your needs and native integrations with all major MAP and CRM systems.

Plus, a hybrid event platform that gathers your content and data for you simply takes the work out of your hands.

Tips for choosing a hybrid opportunity platform

Once you’ve found the right solution, choosing a long-term platform provider has many benefits. There are so many new components in this evolving landscape, and as this is their business, a platform partner is already thinking about how to move to the next level so they can provide solutions for you.

One thing is certain: “You want to manage everything seamlessly on one platform, before and after the event,” says Dan.

Here are some of the best tips to help you choose a hybrid event platform:

• Choose a platform that contains everything you need, from registration to analysis, which will be the point of contact for your audience before the event, in the middle, and after the event

• Consider a platform that provides the tools to leave a lasting impression on participants and partners during the trip

• Make sure the platform has interactive features to link the two target segments and increase engagement

• See if your platform offers a way to present your content in an accessible way, as well as valuable information at all stages of your event.

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