Virtual Event Ideas That Will Inspire Your Next Event

Virtual events have become popular as the new coronavirus continues.

According to our Event Outlook report, 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events in the future. Fortunately, opportunity technology has made it possible to offer unique online experiences that can be tailored to your goals and event strategy. Whether you’re planning a virtual conference or an in-house launch, hosting online events offers many benefits and lots of virtual event ideas to inspire you.

The best ideas for virtual events

Ideas for entertainment

1. Improved comic performance

An enhanced comedy show can be a fun way to engage participants. Enhancement is vibrant and can be interactive, weaving and customizing the themes of your event into performance.

In our virtual top, (almost) HYBRID. We took North Coast, New York’s first hip-hop improvisation team, to a live performance. To make it personal and interactive, North Coast asked the audience questions about their favorite parts of the events. Before the show even started, the participants had a lot of fun remembering the special moments from their chat events.

When it came time to perform, North Coast offered personalized hip hop based on the unique experiences the audience had already shared.

2. Dairy Art

Monday, during the Funday on Planet IMEX, panel member Michael Breach, Coffee Art Creator of BaristArt, made live portraits of the participants and other images and shared the unique experiences that led him to this profession during his’ The Fine Art of Milk ‘Portraiture’ . . Watching the artist at work added a visual interest not normally found in the sessions and kept participants informed.

3. Magic show

A magical program is an unexpected and engaging way to entertain your virtual audience. It can interrupt the event and create a sense of wonder. In (Almost) HYBRID we recorded a magic show with Gary Ferrar. Gary performed a virtual live performance that was captivating, full of unexpected moments, and the audience wondered, “How did he do it?”

4. Virtual concert

This fascinating idea of a virtual event will make your experience unforgettable. When planning a virtual show, it is important to produce it in a way that works well in the virtual environment. Presentations must be engaging; it is not limited to broadcasting a video. Instead, make something specific for the virtual world.

A good example from the music industry is “Where are we going?” Billie Eilish? The program will be broadcast live. After his sold-out world tour in 2020 was canceled due to greed, Eilish wanted a way to connect with his fans. The display is exceptionally well done with multiple camera angles and a large 60 x 24 foot LED stage. During the show, the LED stage was filled with captivating scenes that took viewers on a dynamic journey. The show also introduced visitors to a limited edition and online store.

5. Composite session clip

With an average of 20 sessions per virtual event, it is important that event marketers organize their content. The selected tracks allow visitors to easily browse the content and focus on what interests them.

For an excellent example of this virtual event idea, check out Forbes UNDER 30. In the image below, you can see that the event delivers a variety of savings, ranging from artificial intelligence to financing and investment. Attendees had the option to focus on one song or move from one party to another to create the experience they wanted from the event.

6. Leadership Challenge

Rankings are a great way to increase engagement and encourage attendees to experience many parts of your event. Participants can earn points by participating in main lines, specific workouts, breaks, and more. The best winners will receive entry prizes to encourage participants.

Zenith Live 2020 created ‘The Zenith Live Challenge’, in which visitors were sent on a mission to collect points for completing tasks and to choose rewards for the mission, or instead of a reward, participants could donate to charity. Charity Sponsored by Zenith-Viver.

7. Virtual photo booths

Photo booths have always been an important aspect of events and have evolved naturally to match virtual events. Virtual photo booths can meet the needs of any occasion. Photos can be easily resized, making it easy to create engaging, shareable, and branded content. To make this virtual event idea a step further, turn the photos of all participants into a virtual mosaic.

8. Assign badges

Reward participants for completing banners or courses with digital badges. After the courses, attendees were praised during Advertising Week 2020. To receive the badge, attendees must complete courses and participate in extensive sessions in areas ranging from content marketing to corporate culture. The entrant with the most badges was recognized as an AW2020 MVP. He encouraged participants to participate in research and suggestion sessions while being rewarded for gamification.

9. Virtual exhibition space

Virtual showrooms mark sponsors and allow visitors to visit virtual tents and a personal showroom. During the World Employers Brand Day in 2020, they set up a showroom on a website with personal images of the brand. Participants can click on hockey and be directed to a personal sponsor page. On the sponsor page, they could watch videos, chat with exhibitors, read more about the company, discuss meetings, and much more.

10. Sponsored Sessions

Sessions are an important part of most virtual events. Allowing sponsors to create sessions with content that matches your posts can be a very effective way for sponsors to reach out to attendees.

Work with your sponsors to create your sessions. Help sponsors create a message that fits their goals for the event and also show the sponsor. This ensures that the sponsored session is beneficial to all stakeholders.

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