Ultimate Glossary of Live Event Production Terms in 2021

Ultimate Glossary of Live Event Production Terms:

Live events are back, but much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s why we’ve put together a list of all the terms you need to know, old and new.

Personal events are back. Many professionals of the event are already planning live events and many more are actively thinking about the role that personal experiences will play in their long-term hybrid strategy.

With hybrid features, you can safely bring your audience on board and harness the power of personal and online experiences. With this new format comes a new set of terms that combine local and virtual aspects. With this glossary you can manage your event experiences safely, armed with all the knowledge you need to communicate with your personal and virtual teams.

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à la carte

It can refer to food and beverages, services, or products purchased and charged separately, rather than a package.


Walls or panels serve to divide a large meeting room into smaller spaces. Usually on the wall and easy to hide like pocket doors.

 Arrival time (time of call)

The expected arrival time of the sponsor/organizer at the event.


It is the reduction of the actual service of what was originally rendered or guaranteed. This is usually expressed as a percentage and is also known as the failure rate.

 failure rates

Many venues still have a minimum quota based on the expected number of participants. By default, fees are still due, even if you have fewer participants than originally planned.

 head of the AV project

Project managers often lead the execution of an event, including the provision of all necessary equipment and staff. Project managers often lead the team directly, organize logistics such as dispatch and receipt, and oversee the technical operation of an event.

AV technician

Technicians are usually highly skilled in a particular field. Most audiovisual roles require a lot of specialized technical skills.


Lighting behind a stage or person and taillight.

 Behind the house

Consultation with staff and support that guests would not normally consider in terms of food, technology, or service.

 Audiovisual at the back of the house

It is usually behind the stage where the audiovisual technicians work and is usually out of sight. Empty boxes are usually stored here as well.

 Banquet Execution / Event Order (BEO) / Program Execution Order (PEO) / Function Sheet

A document with the details and specifications of the venue and the organizer of the event. Typically describes the arrival time of the customer, the number of participants, the history of the events, menus and dietary considerations, space, technological requirements, and other relevant information.

The venue or venue manager will prepare this document and the organizer or client will usually review and sign 72 hours in advance to order and prepare food and equipment for the venue.

Changes made over the past three days may incur additional fees, and some venues may charge a fee prior to the event.

 Bankruptcy Tour

A table that is often used for banquets. Generally round and suitable for 8-12 people, depending on the diameter. For social seating, there is sleeping accommodation for 2 to 4 people per shift to provide personal space.

 banquet chair

A defined area where bank shifts are used.


For events with longer registration periods, black days refer to periods when tickets or certain prices are not available. Often due to holidays or busy travel days.

 Distribution / download

Bring the equipment and clean the set after the event.

Support Room

A smaller space for sessions or to split a session by dividing a larger group into smaller groups. Meeting planners often book specially designed rooms to facilitate interruptions.


It is a type of food service in which the food is served in a buffet system with automatic machines and cutlery and where the guest serves himself. Staff can serve guests buffalo-caused buffaloes.

 exemption clause

A clause in the contract describing the penalties for cancellation and any part of the cancellation.

 Cancellation Fees

The cancellation fee is the amount still payable if you have to cancel. Sometimes it is the full amount if it is close to the meeting date. Other times it may be 50%, depending on the cancellation time associated with the meeting.


It refers to the transfer of exhibits from one place to another and the cost of labor.

 sit in class

A deck room where tables are set up, such as a classroom with the chairs facing forward or wherever the stage is.


Insurance certificate. Required by most sites to protect all parties from liability before accessing the site.

 competition hall

Rooms offered by the location have no extra cost. Large events usually include several rooms in their contract, especially for a full purchase.

 simultaneous sessions

It refers to two or more sessions taking place simultaneously. In one room will probably be performed simultaneously in several rooms.

continental breakfast

A light breakfast usually consists of water, tea, coffee, fruit juice, and snacks such as bagels or pastries.

 the contact will follow

A process that identifies all people who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

 money limit

Many places charge a fee if you install alcohol abroad. This fee sometimes covers where drinks are served and guests are served.


A type of chair where a round table is used, but only half the contents, with all chairs on one side of the table. The goal is that no leaves enter the front of the room.


A portion of the total payment used to protect goods or services.

 abolition fee

A fee for delivery of supplies to showrooms, removal of empty boxes or couriers, and assistance with downloading.

 duty of care

Related to Covid Policy and Protocols 19. A requirement that one should act towards others and the public with the vigilance, concern, prudence, and prudence that a reasonable person would do under the circumstances.


Estimated departure time.

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