UK fintech sector bounces back from the pandemic

The UK had a record year of annual FinTech investments in 2021, exceeding $ 11.6 billion, a significant increase of 217% from 2020.

The British currency is spread over 75 contracts, which represent 11% of all global transactions (6,495), leaving the country in second place behind the United States, but ahead of its European competitors.

UK regions have also seen rapid growth, with plantings outside London and the South East in 2021 at $ 696 million from $ 266 million in 206, an increase of 237%.

Most UK business funding went at the start ($ 2.7 billion) or end of the cycle ($ 7.0 billion), with a small portion of the growth rate ($ 1.6 billion). However, with several contracts, the Seed price (<$ 1m) has seen its turnover drop.

After the difficult year 2020 hit by the pandemic, which saw the number of investments in the United Kingdom drop for the first time in years, the 2021 figure represents an annual jump and the strengthening of this sector as it exists. the epidemic, according to Janine. Hirt, CEO of Innovate Finance.

Referring to a study showing that fintech products are now used by 8 out of 10 Britons, he says: And cybersecurity – that’s why it’s a magnet for investors.

“We are on the right track in terms of funding and now is the time to effectively manage the financial crisis for undefeated start-ups if we are to create a strong and hopeful industry.”

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