Set Up Autopay On Bank in 2021

Set Up Autopay On Bank of America Credit Card

Autopay takes care of all my accounts: credit cards, utilities, insurance, everything. Regardless of the amount due, the company will collect the money on the due date on the due date. Some people fear that it gives businesses too many privileges on their bank accounts. All I can say is that no one has automatically debited my bank account with the wrong amount or a duplicate in every company I have automatically paid over ten years.

automatic payment because I never have to worry about paying my bills and whether companies credit my payments on time. After setting up an automatic payment, it is my responsibility to pay the bill on time. I just need to make sure I have enough money in my checking account. I still look at paperless bills to make sure they are correct, but I do nothing to pay for them. If I go abroad for a year, all my bills are paid as one hour work, without having to register my bank account.

Most companies make it easy to set up an automatic payment. They also want the assurance that their bills will be paid on time. They usually have a place on their website where you can provide your router number and bank account number. Some businesses make a test deposit to validate the account. Some do not even do it.

However, it is not so obvious how to set up automatic payment for a Bank of America credit card. If you have to do this online, you have to go through the Bill Pay system as if you were paying a third-party account. There is also an unannounced way that I think works better than the Bill Pay system. I recently encountered this problem when I had to change the automatic payment setting.

Pay the bill

Like any other bank, Bank of America has an online payment system for accounts. Here you can enter your accounts and plan your payments. You can pay with a Bank of America account or an external bank account as ‘Account Payment’ under Account Payment -> Link Account Management. If you are adding an external checking account, you will need to verify it with test payments.

paper form

Searching for eBill in the Bill Pay system seems complicated to me. For my other accounts, I’ll just say which account I should debit. It turns out that you can do the same with Bank of America credit cards, but you do not see it advertised anywhere. You need to dial the customer service number on the back of your card. Ask them to submit a paper form to set up the automatic payment. Fill out the paper form and return it. That’s easy to say. The credit card side withdraws money directly from your checking account, without any interim payment system. After setting it up, you will see a status note, just like on other maps.

The learned lesson is not to be afraid of paper or email. Setting it up online would be fun, but old-school newspapers and emails still work, especially for eccentric activities. If you need to update your bank account, please call again and ask for another paper form.

[Update: An Ollie reader said in the comments that they no longer submit the paper form. I do not know if they have changed their procedures or if the customer service representative does not know. My existing automatic payment via the paper form is still working.]

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