Organization Maximizing the Impact of Events in 2021?

Is Your Organization Maximizing the Impact of Events?

How leading companies are finding creative ways to seek opportunities to promote business results.

Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, the events were still a valuable way for people to share knowledge and make connections. Event planners have become creative in the past year in the knowledge that the experience of knowledge and participation transcends everything, regardless of the type (external or internal) or format (personal, virtual, or hybrid).

Events are stronger when they can combine the use case of events with the ideal type of event. Each of these use cases has a unique outcome, which in turn helps to extract more value from your opportunity programs. While the performance of the organizers and the expectations of the participants have evolved since the start of the pandemic, this framework will help you create positive results and drive the growth of the company in the months and years to come.

Remember: set your goals. Whether you have an internal or external audience, virtual, personal, or hybrid, everything has an operational impact that benefits you, your employees, and your customers. Always come back to the purpose of the meeting when choosing the type of event for your audience, so make sure you understand the purpose and desired outcomes of the planning phase.

external opportunities

If you’ve been able to make a living from outdoor events, you’ve probably done that more than once in the past year. Fortunately, you also understand the many impacts on issues that customer events experience. Whether you’re attracting new customers, speeding up the sales process, or strengthening your brand as your community grows, opportunities can deliver very positive results.

With this in mind, here are some use cases for successful remote events:

Summits or conferences

These types of events can be the most important factors in generating clues and increasing brand awareness. Like last year, the virtual summit is the closest thing to the pre-pandemic version of the conference experience. The most unique virtual events of this type can even generate revenue from ticket sales or on-demand content presentation for the event. As we approach a hybrid future, interactivity will provide the flexibility for a unique experience with a global reach and a personal touch.

Business Outcomes: Lead Generation, Better Brand Recognition, Community Development

Announcements and strategic launches

The most successful ads and placements are based on high-quality, engaging content. An excellent example is an Apple special event, each designed to create the same incredible experience for live and virtual audiences, with film production and graphics quality. No wonder streaming is always good.

Business results: more word of mouth, greater profitability, accelerated sales process

User groups and regional customers

While these types of events can often generate a new pipeline, their main goal is to build a community and get feedback. A hybrid version of these types of events, perhaps in a hub-and-ghost format, can help you think locally, reach key customers, and connect customers across industries so they can build a stronger network. More to get data. Overall, these events can increase your brand’s visibility and enable influential conversations across industries.

Business results: more sales and cross-selling opportunities, higher retention rates, networking opportunities for participants

Webinars and digital series

Webinars or pre-recorded content in serial formats are a great way to entertain your virtual audience, especially if travel restrictions remain in place and budgets are balanced. Maintain your position in the industry by sharing your knowledge in a way that clearly benefits the public. During these types of events, engagement often reflects the quality of your content, as there is a lot of content that grabs people’s attention every day and the engagement is always on. Think carefully about the listening experience.

Business results: higher retention rates, customer and guide training, net new customer acquisition

Using scenarios for internal opportunities

While it may not monetize in the same way as external events, internal events should not be overlooked. The impact of the industry is measurable through results, such as a stronger employee culture, which can lead to more job satisfaction and retention. They can also attract new employees and inspire existing employees to pursue bigger business goals.

Here are some use cases for successful internal opportunities:

learning and developing

This type of event can be presented as a training or team-building activity. For companies in different locations, perhaps even on different continents, a hybrid approach, where speakers are sent digitally from one location to another office, can ensure that all team members receive the same training and support everywhere.

Business Results: Process Improvements and Efficiency, Higher Internal Retention Rates

Resource groups for employees

Part of creating a great work experience is making everyone feel welcome and involved. Hosting monthly employee meetings for employees connects like-minded people on a topic, such as diversity and inclusion efforts. For example, a group of LGBTQI+ employees demonstrate their commitment to industry values and provide their team with a dedicated platform to share their ideas. It is an extension of learning development that works as an exchange of knowledge about content programming.

Business outcomes: stronger employee culture, employee engagement

The kick-off for all hands and sales

Any type of corporate retreat or strategic session is ideal for an internal audience. With smaller groups of persons, you can better monitor safety protocols and comply with social measures and any inspection regulations developed by your company. The opportunity to meet in person also enables healthy collaboration, which is an important part of any successful workforce or business strategy.

Business outcomes: more knowledge of the service or product, stronger company culture, inspired employees to achieve greater business goals

book register

Celebrating the work of your employees and teammates is just as important when it comes to retention and commitment. Employee benefits, birthdays, and anything else that increases employee satisfaction will preserve your company culture. The most important thing about these internal events is that it continues, whether it’s your virtual team, the office, or a hybrid of both. Since there is likely to be a virtual component in the near future, it is a way to make the workspace more humanized using technology, which is an important aspect to think about in the future of work.

Business results: positive culture change, employee satisfaction, employee loyalty

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