Neo Banking all about UI/UX in 2021

Is Neo Banking all about UI/UX:
How do you create a digital experience for your consumers?

It offers a robust, stable, and highly efficient digital platform, but you would think that 80% of the digital experience is powered by the way the UI/UX is designed. Neo Banks, also known as demanding banks, which are 100% digital, weigh much more UI/UX in terms of customer satisfaction and conversion. What are my reasons?

• NeoBank’s UI / UX are gateways to digital banking. If your user does not apply the design principle, banks, companies, and NBFCs will close, deactivate or delete accounts.

• The UI/UX experience determines the future of the platform. It will be more attractive if the director is charming enough or does his job with a straight face if you can get services. The same is the case with UI/UX on the neo banking platform. The font, the color-coding, the position of the buttons, the heavy/light text, the design principles, all of which can decide whether the customer stays or leaves; after all, it is best to avoid a bad experience.

Welcome to the world of UI Banking – Neo Banking!

My post today is about Neo Banks and the importance of UI/UX. If you want to understand Neo Bank and its basics, visit my post here on the different usage scenarios of Neo Banks, visit my post here and Neo Banks in India, check here.

Neo Bank and UI/UX

Looking at the key strategic priorities for financial institutions in 2018 and 2019, improving the digital experience for consumers is paramount.

The statistics reflect the idea or tendency of financial institutions to serve their customers, but can it meet customer expectations?

Neo Banks UX – Where do they fail?

Offer a bouquet, but customers choose one

The banking system is not just about transferring money; hundreds of services are available to all entities on this earth. Nobody needs everyone, so it’s important to deliver every customer experience. Be specific and only show the user.

While the banking system may seem simple to you, many people don’t understand how banks work and the math behind them, so flooding them with all kinds of services is a potential benefit.

Neo Banks that offer digital banking experiences should focus on the customers they target and showcase them in the app or website.

Simplified instead of complicated

The following data highlights an important factor in ‘how to create the digital customer experience’. The digital experience should mimic what they did, rather than confuse it.

Imagine going to the bank in three steps and applying for a loan; to recreate the same step 1, step 2, and step 3, you need to enable the UI design for a neo-database. If he adds another section to the series, he could get confused.

It is necessary to build a Neo Bank UX around customers and provide services more easily.

Options to meet the needs of the customer

In the era of baby boomers, millennials, GenZ, you may not have a solution for everyone, so suppose millennials share their personal information well, but baby boomers are reluctant, an option to sign up via social media and a sent offer by e-mail – E-mail program for both sexes.

bad digital experience

What if someone promises to show you a dinosaur, but it’s actually a picture of a dinosaur? This is exactly what customers feel when their workflow fails; technical errors or device compatibility are not guaranteed.

The following text shows what happens when customers are faced with such a situation: they leave you and go to your competitors.

How can you guarantee the best banking experience with a Neo Bank?

Identify your target audience

The first step is always ‘Who’, as we said, there are 100 banking services, but not everyone needs them all. So you choose who your customer is? Were these entrepreneurs? Or students? Or housewives? Or women? Create a person for this person so they can call you as soon as they register for the program.

If possible, identify the lead actor/actress of your play. Give it a name, use it as a chatbot or as a virtual person you command. Do you remember Fido Dido from Seven-Up? Or Vodafone zoos? It does not exist unless they are nominated and posted to allow users to participate. So try it.

How can you solve weaknesses?

Do you remember how you had to learn when you met your partner at a conference or on a flight? People tend to bond when they are in the same boat. So if you can convince your customers that their problems or weaknesses can be solved, contact them directly.

Use these weaknesses to create a story that matches the characters. To address the weaknesses of SMEs, Hylo points out how the acceptance of payments through digital channels can be simplified.

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