Manage Your Money Closely in 2021

Manage Your Money Closely With A Prepaid Card:

This is a sponsored post I wrote on behalf of Green Dot. All opinions are 100% mine.

One day I was in a store to place an order online. A young woman in front of me comes to the counter. He takes $8 out of his pocket and asks the customer service representative to put it on his prepaid debit card. Apparently, he needed the $8 card to pay for something he couldn’t easily do with his $8 cash. Apparently, the $8 would make a difference. This is another way to manage your money.

If you always have a big pillow in your bank account, traditional banking services are very useful. You have debit cards, credit cards, online bill payments, checks, and direct debit. But because every dollar counts and every day, some services get in the way. You have no control over when things go well and you never know exactly how much money you have. A small loss means an overdraft of $35. Several times a month you will lose $100 or more

A prepaid debit card helps to avoid overdrafts. It serves a very important purpose when looking at your money. When you pay something, you want the money to disappear immediately so you know how much is left. With a prepaid debit card you still have the same convenience as a traditional bank account, but with a clear overview and no overdraft.

Green Dot is a pioneer of prepaid debit cards. They sent me a Visa debit card which was returned by Green Dot Bank for testing.

The card comes in a very safe and visually appealing mussel shell packaging. You can buy this card for a small amount in a store or order it online at Greendot.

To fund the card, you will be provided with a router bank number and a direct deposit account number. You can use the Green Dot telephone to send a paper check. After receiving your personal card you can activate the invoice payment. Just like paying bills online from a traditional bank account, you can also pay bills with your prepaid debit card.

The special feature of this Visa Cash-Back Green Dot Bank debit card is that you earn 5% up to $100 per year on everything you buy. Although the card charges a monthly fee of $9.95 (other fees and limits apply), you will be refunded up to $100 in cash after one year. This makes the net cost of using a Green Dot Bank Visa Cash-Back debit card much less than simply paying into a traditional bank account for those who need to manage their money.

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