Leveraging the power of BI thru Business objects in 2021

Leveraging the power of BI thru Business objects:

Banks Leveraging around the world, especially in India and other emerging economies, are taxed on Impaired Assets (NPAs). Acquisition requirements Banks and financial institutions attach great importance to monitoring their activities and taking precautions to proactively recover, supervise and prevent bankruptcy in this sector. Full reporting to regulators and internal management is also required. The operating costs for this activity are huge and affect the profitability of banks.

 Financial institutions need the NPA and must also proactively manage it. However, this activity comes with some challenges. Details of lines of credit/guarantees given to a customer are often scattered across different banking systems. There are also related details such as warranties, insurance details, documentation details, billing templates, industry standards which are also spread across various internal control systems and purposes.

 While there are a number of activities associated with monitoring NPA recovery, the most important part is an instant overview of the entire portfolio for reporting, analysis, and decision-making at different levels of the organization.

 Nelito Systems automated the entire process of requirements writing, transformation uploading, reporting, and multipoint publishing using a central database originally created as part of the MIS ADF initiative for more than six public banks in India.

An NPA store is pre-built for different sizes and dimensions. ETL processes have been adapted to clean, enrich and logically collect data to accelerate decision-making.

Prefabricated panels offer a view of different scenarios. Here are some resources.

• 360 degrees NPA overview N

• Show by classification, show by-product, shown by country, shown by region, shown by state, shown by area, etc.

• Information on key NPA subsidiaries, product panels, and product accounts account

• Major NPA Affiliates

• Annual / Monthly NPA Comparison

• Charts: NPA reports, operational performance, category, rate, etc.

• Restore in C.A.P. / CP – by classification, by product, by country, by region, by state, by zone, etc.

ETL processes work seamlessly with basic banking solutions such as Finacle, FinCraftTM, TCS Banks, and other loan management software.

 SAP technology was used to build reports with Crystal Reports (all regulatory reports are available). ETL has two components, homemade for smaller setups and SAP Extraction Tool (DI).

 Dashboards are pre-built with Business Objects and can be published.

 Cutting, data, and drilling can be performed using SAP BO – Web Intelligence.

 Data quality is assured through the use of technology and extensive use of industry-standard MIS datasheets.

 The intelligent use of technology and a key solution ensure a fast return on investment to automate the monitoring and prevention process.

 Advanced analytics for better invoice management, such as standard trends, credit values, etc. During the project involved with the institutions, this will suffice.

 Nelito also provides advice and experience in the use of licenses and data that the bank already has in its central systems. Results include process, technology, personalization, ETL optimization, data brand improvement, dashboard building, query and ongoing support for SAP tools such as Business Object Dashboard, Web, Explorer, Crystal Reports, DQ (Data Quality), DI (Data Integrator) )

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