Imaginative Events from Oracle in 2021

Imaginative Events from Oracle:

Oracle is a US technology company headquartered in Redwood Shores, CA. It was founded in 1977 and just 41 years later it becomes the third-largest software company in terms of revenue. Not bad not bad!

But Oracle is not only software, it is also a great opportunity. In this article, we are going to look at 12 of the best ideas for conferences, virtual events, and corporate events and discuss what makes it so great. This way, you can use the information to improve your business opportunities. Does it look like a piano? So let’s get started!

1. Oracle OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld is the biggest Oracle event of the year. The event was filled with extraordinary speakers such as Jerry Rice, a professional soccer hall, or a celebrity. Dr. Kate Darling, research specialist at the MIT Media Lab, and Salvatore Ancoretti, head of Ferrari customer marketing. The corporate event management strategy also provides a lot of hands-on training, networking opportunities, and exhibitors. There’s a lot to do at OpenWorld, and it’s almost as if participants are reading about the future of technology.

Major Retreat: At the end of the day, most people attend business conferences because they want to advance their careers. Yes, they hope to relax. But if they at least do not learn innovative information, they are likely to disappoint the opportunity. Therefore, always give preference to conferences, seminars, and public training. Work hard to get qualified speakers, offer hands-on training sessions, and more to ensure your participants have that “moment of light” at every event you present.

2. Oracle One Code

Code One is the best in technology and is presented annually in the tech capital of the world, San Francisco, California. Participants in this event will have the opportunity to hear the latest keynotes, participate in technical sessions with industry experts and see exciting product demonstrations. But the actual content used by the participants in the event depends on it. Code One contains several excerpts from the conference so participants can focus fully on the information they need. In short, it is an essential opportunity for anyone who sees themselves as part of the developer community.

Key Points: Meeting rooms allow hosts to cater to a wide range of attendees and provide them with a more personalized event experience. If your business serves customers in multiple industries, we strongly recommend getting multiple conference IDs for everyone!

3. Oracle Cloud Fest

Oracle CloudFest is an annual concert that takes place after Code One (mentioned above) and features incredible artistic talent. BeckFest and CloudFest were unveiled in 2018. Dude. Grammy guitarist and songwriter John Mayer will see him in 2019. Flo Rida, a radio station with more than 100 million albums sold to date, will also appear. We love that Oracle is willing to bring in great artists just to please and entertain their competitors!

Conclusion: We said earlier that most opportunities to learn new information that will enhance your career are a priority. While this is absolutely true, it doesn’t mean your meetings have to be fun! Grab a page from the Oracle book and put on a great show for your audience after the event. This increases your chances of being noticed long after conversations have ended.

4. Cooperation 20

Collaborate 20 is very different from the first three Oracle events we just looked at, mainly because it’s not actually hosted by Oracle. No, this is a user conference hosted by the Quest Oracle Community and the Oracle Applications and Technology Group for Oracle users. Oracle supports the conference. The event, held annually in Las Vegas, NV, teaches attendees how to best use Oracle products when interacting with other Oracle users.

Important conclusion: The Oracle Convention Team understands that there is no need to host a live event. If you have the opportunity, we recommend that user groups organize conferences, seminars, and training sessions to educate attendees about your products. What have you got to lose? As long as you have chosen user groups that offer events and you know they are great, a user group conference is a win-win scenario!

5. Modern business experience

The 2020 Modern Business Experience (MBE) event takes place in Chicago, Illinois, and is aimed at professionals in customer experience, finance, human resources, and the supply chain. MBE attendees have access to great conversations, support sessions, networking opportunities, and more. The event is known for its highly practical advice, and attendees always leave with a wealth of new knowledge and a reservoir of inspiration.

Key points to focus on: A comprehensive event strategy includes mega-events like Oracle OpenWorld, which attracts a wide variety of people. But there will also be smaller gatherings for select individuals. Don’t forget to create compelling conference experiences and opportunities for people in specific industries or demographics that serve your business. This will help you connect better with your target audience and allow them to connect with your business.

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