How to hit 80,000 Chase Bonus in One Month

Last fall, Chase offered an incredible exclusive welcome bonus of 80,000 points (up to $ 1,000) to sign up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. Well, marketing has worked for me – I love exclusivity. I have never had a travel loyalty card before, and it was a great time to earn points for international holidays again.

To earn the bonus, you had to spend $ 4,000 in the first three months and sign up by November 8th. I signed up in November and received the bonus a month later. There is absolutely no benefit in receiving the bonus so quickly, except perhaps for your peace of mind. I was clearly excited and out of control.

80,000 Mindset Bonus Points

I can pay the cost of winning the bonus with a combination of luck and intention. In recent months, I have made informed decisions and arranged the expenses I planned for the year (for example, things in my apartment). But the seasonality of the business that fell during the holidays certainly contributed a lot to that. so quick bonuses. . Also helpful medical procedures for me and my furry roommates.

My Taurus is absolutely prone to luxury and personal care. The fact that I had to receive the welcome bonus stimulated my tendency to think later. If your financial habits are stricter, there are a few ways to get the bonuses that can inspire your reward cards.

Lots of Christmas presents

$ 1050

One reason I was confident that I would be able to meet the $ 4,000 spending requirement was the possibility of the offer. I signed up for the record bonus in November, which means a few months of Christmas shopping. A significant portion of my minimal expenses is spent on buying Christmas presents for my family and friends.

And also my mom’s Christmas shopping

$ 400

I also took the opportunity to use my card to pay for my family’s Christmas shopping. They pay me later and I earn points for their expenses. If we were in a store together, I would pay us well. Or if, for example, there was something on Amazon that my mom wanted to buy for my dad but did not want him to see on his shared Amazon account, I would buy it for her and also earn points for her purchases.

Enjoy the donation season

$ 550

In the spirit of the holidays, I accepted the bill and paid more frequently. I gathered family home evenings, paid for my purchases or Costco at my house, and bought coffee for the person behind me. My intentions here were not entirely pure and that contributed significantly to my welcome bonus.

I have a crown

$ 600

A blessing and a curse: my first crown falls in the first month after I receive the hunting letter. After the insurance, the food industry played a big part in getting my bonus so fast. And if you’re curious, I floss every day! The doctor said it was probably genetic, thank you, Dad.

Two of my cats have been neutered

$ 300

Our two kittens in quarantine also had to be neutered in November. I used the Chase Sapphire card to pay for my operations, worth a few hundred for the minimum spend. It was definitely more a waste of time.

I bought a TV on Black Friday

$ 700

I did a Black Friday sale at Costco and bought a 65-inch 4K TV for my apartment. I already needed a TV when I moved into my new apartment, and because I knew I had to work at a few major malls, I had to pull the trigger.

I supported small businesses

$ 400

The pressure to support local restaurants with takeaways and my need to spend a certain amount on an expensive combination. I ordered food more freely and bought local produce, knowing there were more incentives. Suppose my local Thai restaurant needs a curry dish in my name.

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