How to Choose the Best Virtual Event Platforms for You

These are the most important elements to consider when evaluating virtual event platforms so that you can find the right solution for your virtual event is.

The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the entire event industry and sparked a turnaround in virtual conferences. At the start of the pandemic, event planners were looking for a quick and easy solution to help them turn their live events into virtual events. The world noticed when events around the world were postponed, canceled, or moved to a virtual platform. There was no room for bells and whistles, only basic necessities and faster execution. The value of the production and the visitor experience was the last thing anyone thought about. Planners were satisfied only with the ability to communicate virtually with their audience.

As tinnitus fatigue sets in and virtual events become the order of the day, the norm has changed. To continue to deliver unique visitor experiences and create value, the event industry needs to be flexible. Event planners know that finding a virtual event platform that can be a long-term solution is not only a priority but also a necessity.  These are the key elements to consider when evaluating potential virtual event platforms.

Identify your event experience

The first thing to consider is what kind of experience your visitors want. Will your event be informative and educational? Therefore, you are probably looking for a solution that can serve a larger audience and requires fewer resources or resources. Or are you looking for an engaging and interactive experience for your visitors? So you are probably looking for a platform with solid engagement tools.

Set your goals for the meeting

The next step is to determine the goals of the meeting. What do you want to get out of your virtual event platform? You may want a central location to hold the entire event. Saving time can be a priority. Or do you think the most important thing is to have an excellent customer experience? Whatever your meeting goals, it will serve as a pillar if you’re looking for a virtual event platform.

Identify your essential resources

Once you have a clear picture of the meeting goals, you can provide more information and determine which virtual event tools and resources will help you achieve the goals.

If your goal is to promote networking among your visitors, we recommend that you look for platforms specifically made for interaction and use tools such as surveys or Q&A to engage your audience.

Each platform has different offerings, so it’s important to understand what resources you need for your specific event goals. There are many things to consider, from managing records to a website with opportunities and the ability to analyze data.

some common resources to get you started:

• Registration and sale of tickets

• Event website

• Application application

• Promote opportunities

• Management of sponsors/speakers

• Calendar generator

• Network and involvement of participants

• Data analysis

• Integrations

• Virtual production services

Identify your fun qualities

In addition to the resources you need to host a successful event, you also want a list of great resources, but decide not to rush or miss out. This helps because if you’re comparing two platforms and both meet your basic requirements, it can be a useful resource to choose between the two in the sublist.

What should you pay attention to in a virtual event platform?

To find the best solution for a virtual event, you need to think about the essential aspects that can help make your event a success. These are the main elements to look for in a virtual event platform.

Future archive

As we learned in 2020, it is important to find an opportunity solution that will help you achieve long-term success. As Heraclitus once said, “the only constant in life changes.” Choose a solution that grows with you and adapts to new circumstances. Let’s take a look at hybrid opportunities: 97% of event organizers think they will see more hybrid opportunities in 2021. That’s why it’s important to choose a platform that supports in-person and live experiences. At Bizzabo we are constantly planning for the future, which is why we are investing $ 138 million in future hybrid opportunities.

long term investment

Considering how long and tiring it is to find a virtual event platform, it makes no sense if you have the opportunity. Instead, look for a solution that will help you build a long-term partnership. Long-term investment in a virtual solution has many advantages.

Customer service

Remember that you will be deeply involved in choosing and using a virtual event provider. From demos and integration to troubleshooting and support, you’ll spend most of your time on the platform. Make sure to choose one that you’re comfortable with and trust to make it a priority. It’s easy to forget about customers if they’ve already registered. Be considerate and take the time to find a company you can trust at all times. You will likely have doubts or doubts that you are used to the platform and probably during your virtual event as well. Finding a caring partner is an important aspect of planning a successful event.

Easy to use

Just as you want the customer experience to be perfect, the platform itself should be easy to use and navigate the backend. In addition to you and your team, speakers, sponsors, and other partners can also use the platform and you want to make sure it is a positive experience for them.

Equally important is the design of the front. Choose a platform that is as easy for your visitors to use as it is for you. When it comes to virtual events, the user experience is an important element of your audience’s overall experience.

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