FinTech companies can help banks in 2021

Find out how FinTech is truly helping the future of digital banking:

• Through NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning), FinTech like help create Chatbots for banks. Take advantage of the best possible combination of answers from your sources of knowledge. Chatbots are now common in all digital banks, waiting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to resolve your questions.

• FinTechs, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and ML (Machine Learning), help analyze data on consumer preferences in each banking segment. This not only helps the bank to adapt its products to consumer demand but also offers personalized offers for each customer.

• They also help identify robust fraud and fraud management programs. This risk management is the backbone that helps the bank lend to customers with minimal risk.

• FinTechs develops packages that identify and propose operational bottlenecks to ensure the continuous operation of services.

• If you are transferring money between different bank accounts with IMPS or NEFT, in the last step you will see a website of CCAvenue or Atom Technologies. It belongs to the various payment gateway products, from different FinTechs, which help you to transfer money with absolute security and non-hackable encryption.

Are you going to make the switch?

The banking industry is constantly evolving from monolithic applications to client-server technology, components and services, and the latest Banking as a Platform (BaaP) offerings. And it is certainly for better business transactions through better service, greater flexibility, and greater feasibility.

If you want to remain competitive in the financial market while meeting the high expectations of customers, at TEKNOSPIRE we provide you with the power and strength for your continuous transformation in the digital world so that your services are flexible, adaptable, and scalable for you, solutions for your customers are simple, affordable, and consistent, regardless of hardware.

Our ‘FinX’ is a digital banking package, integrated into your central banking system, which allows you and your customers to connect 24 hours a day with simple and engaging digital functions. We work with you to provide a safe and seamless customer experience anytime, anywhere.

With the merger of banks and FinTechs, banks and financial institutions can rest assured that regulation, security, real-time valuation, risk management, agility, and “innovation” remain central.

expect to improve

Digital banking is definitely the “next big thing” to look into the “near and far” future!

Whether it’s loan disbursements and collections, or value-added services, or B2C interfaces and agencies, Teknospire’s digital and mobile financing platform is the answer to your needs.

Whether you are in the military or agricultural ecosystem or want to provide your customers with a safe and seamless shopping experience or manage and analyze your data to redesign your business strategy so your customers get what they want. From Zimbabwe to Mozambique, from the United Kingdom to the United States to Europe. With our solutions in these countries, with offices of over 1800 agents, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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