Event Sponsors: how to find them in 2021

How to Find Event Sponsors:

Would you rather sell it to a herd of pigeons or a herd of monkeys?

I bet on monkeys. There is no way to know if pigeons like bananas. How can you expect to sell your bid if you do not have the right demand?

The purpose of this ridiculous example is to sell to anyone who wants what you are selling.

That’s 101 sales, but many event planners ignore it when the need for sponsorship becomes urgent and overwhelming. It is not uncommon for event planners to develop a kind of tunnel vision, as they are desperate for sponsors.

So … how do you get sponsors for an event?

Instead of looking for someone who could be a potential partner, it is more important to find businesses that are specifically interested in sponsoring the kind of opportunities your business offers. This is a subtle but significant difference. The research process is only aimed at companies that want to sponsor opportunities and achieve more favorable results.

Also in 2021, there is no infallible formula to guarantee sponsorship. But with a more focused strategy, specialized outreach opportunities increase your chances of success.

To determine your strategy, here are 9 tips to best position yourself and your chances as an ideal sponsor.

Use this guide to:

• Prepare for new partnerships when personal events begin to repeat themselves.

• More sponsorship for virtual events (after more than a year of sponsorship in online events).

• Promote sponsorship talks as hybrid opportunities grow.

By having more intentions and focus behind the strategy, you have a greater chance of attracting the best sponsors, which in turn will expand your marketing campaign to overall opportunities.

Find sponsors for an event: on foot

1) Define the basis of your opportunity

Before you find the right companies, you need to clarify the differences in your opportunities. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing yours.

• What is the overview of the event?

• What general goals are you trying to achieve with the event?

• What are the brand values of the event?

Even if you find companies that are interested in the event, you will not win until they achieve the goals and vision of the event. So make sure you define these key factors explicitly before you begin your search. Being able to communicate these values clearly is essential to help you find businesses that are interested in sponsorship opportunities.

2) Find out why companies want to sponsor opportunities

If the goal is to find companies that are interested in sponsorship opportunities, the first step should be to understand why these companies are looking for sponsorship. Ultimately, sponsoring an opportunity is an important investment, so it is important to know what ROI these companies expect. Below is a list of reasons why companies are looking for sponsorship opportunities.

3) Define the sponsorship criteria

As mentioned before, as an event organizer it is essential that you make the mission and objectives of your event clear when finding potential sponsors. Likewise, it is very important for the sponsor to articulate their mission and brand values to you as the event organizer.

It is critical to the overall success of your sponsorship that you define clear criteria for the types of sponsors you want to work with. It’s helpful to keep a few questions in mind when talking to potential sponsors to see if they match your vision.

4) Research companies that have sponsored events like yours

Okay, you’ve done some thorough research. You formulated the objectives of the event, determined the expected needs of sponsors and the sponsor criteria. It is now time to actively search for the ideal companies that fit that profile.

If you haven’t noticed, the theme so far has been intentional and calculated according to your outreach strategy. Stick to the theme and look for potential sponsors who are more likely to sponsor your event than others.

A good place to start is to look for other opportunities like yours and check out their sponsorships. If these companies are interested in working together on these opportunities, they will likely be interested in yours too.

If possible (and if you are not a direct competitor), contact the event organizers and ask for tips on how to put together the package for the sponsor. Conversations like this provide important information about what these companies are looking for.

5) Use an online marketplace to find potential sponsors

If you are looking for a larger group of companies interested in sponsorship opportunities, there are many online resources to serve. Below are some helpful resources to choose from.

These are all great ways to partner with companies. Each of these features will help you build the ideal sponsorship package for the event while building a meaningful relationship with the event sponsor.

Do you want a chance to keep the sponsor train going? Organize an exceptional event

It’s easy to get caught up in the pressure to get sponsorship, but don’t let that distract you from your main focus. Ultimately, your main goal is to organize a spectacular event. Yes, sponsorship is important but pales in comparison to your mission and vision as an event organizer.

Always remember that sponsoring your event should complement, not replace, your overall goals. Ultimately, the best way to get famous sponsors is to have them come to you. If the opportunity is incredible, the top companies will give you sponsorship ideas. Again, the best sales strategy is to sell what the customer wants. By creating a wonderful opportunity experience, you ensure that the product is worth buying.

Sponsorship opportunities are never an easy task, but with the right resources and strategy, the effort can be much easier and more fun than you expected. These 9 tips will definitely help you find and attract the right sponsorship for the event at the same time.

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