Event Promo Code Ideas for Driving Event in 2021

Event Promo Code Ideas for Driving Event Attendance:

What are promotional codes for events?

Offers, offers, offers – sometimes it is very difficult to resist. Have you checked all your inboxes and sold your favorite brand or a quick flight to a distant destination? Big deals can lead consumers to buy new jeans or go back to Bali next time.

In the world of opportunity marketing, promotions and discount codes work the same way. This breaks down the barriers to a potential sale, builds momentum, and ultimately leads to opportunity registration. From the point of view of the event organizer, creative promotions are essential to generate rumors. As event coordinators are the sixth most stressful job in 2019, they have a lot to think about – missing registrations and attending events shouldn’t be one of them.

So don’t worry, heroes of the occasion! Promo Codes Are Unlimited – From early promotions to direct sales and social campaigns, there are plenty of ways to create buzz and expand your next opportunity.

Promotions and card segmentation

Meeting promotions are an important factor in event registration, but if used correctly they can also be a great way to reach attendees. By combining specific ticket types and promotions, you can develop more objective and effective event promotion strategies that improve your ability to personalize each attendee’s experience at the event.

For example, before you think about fun promo code campaigns, start with different ticket types such as VIP, sponsors, limited tickets, day tickets, and general admissions for your application process.

You can complement these types of tickets at different times during the registration period with more relevant promotional codes and promotions. Adding these robust analytics and reports will give you a recipe for measuring the ROI of your opportunity.

Ideas to promote opportunities to increase opportunities

Once you’ve defined your ticket types, take a look at our 13 best promo codes and coupon code ideas. You will be able to troubleshoot event ticketing issues and make sure your next event is filled with lucky attendees.

1. Seasonal Promo Codes

One of the most effective ways to increase ticket sales is a seasonal promotion. Reducing the ticket price by 15-30% during a holiday promotion is a very effective way to generate revenue and attendance. Look at the calendar to see if your next event falls on a specific holiday and create a relevant promotional campaign that subscribers can apply to their tickets.

Example: A software company used a seasonal sale over a holiday weekend and, according to data collected anonymously by Bizzabo, generated $ 15,000 in total ticket sales for the promotion. Below is an example of how you can include holidays in a fun event code to increase event signups.

2. Flash coupon codes

Of course, tickets for events are sold in two periods: at the start of ticket sales and immediately before the event. This is the average purchase period that caused tire damage. Don’t fall into the trap of selling tickets. Create a series of time-sensitive discount codes and create urgency for shoppers who would otherwise wait until the 11th hour to register.

3. Promotional codes for customers

Spread love to your customers! A special code for your users and brand supporters is a great way to surprise and delight. Customer-specific promotional codes not only help increase attendance at events but also increase customer satisfaction. Another benefit is that you can communicate your intentions to current users and customers while having a coffee or strolling around the ballroom.

4. Sponsor/Exhibitors Promotion Codes

Sponsorship promo codes are a great way to enhance the sponsorship experience and complete a valuable and engaging affiliate strategy for your event. Your sponsors share the same goal: to make investments and attract the right visitors to your event. By creating individual coupon codes for your sponsors to use, you can attract a wider network of potential visitors.

Tip: Try to include promotional codes in your sponsorship packages. Promotional codes can be divided into sponsor packages and can help increase sponsorship revenue.

5. Guest Speaker Promotion Codes

Your speakers are a major attraction to your event – they provide innovative leadership, branding, and inspiring content. Offer your speaker a promotional offer on a general ticket or create an exclusive guest pass that makes both speaker and guests feel welcome.

For example: as a Bizzabo user you can create an invisible ticket during registration that is only unlocked when you purchase a speaker card. As with a promotional code, you can buy speakers a ticket plus a discount or free pass.

6. Social Reference Codes

Some businesses thrive on referral customers only. Use this referral activity and provide your visitors with a way to get more subscribers through the gates.


 Bizzabo is launching Ticket Boost, a great feature event organizers can offer to ticket holders. Once a ticket is purchased, Ticket Boost cardholders can share a discount code on social media to get additional discounts, bring friends and expand their event.

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