Doing Business on YouTube: Is worth it or not?

 Do you have a strange talent? Or maybe something so normal that others do not even think about it? You can make money on YouTube!

I’m already signed in to YouTube and I’m asked: What can I post on YouTube? I know I have. Thousands of times. I almost feel at home as an editor.

We watch videos and find entrepreneurs who have ideas and think, why did I not think of it?

Ideas are unique to human nature and abound on YouTube.

I thought it was an enlightening attempt to show how some entrepreneurs explore strange niches and build a business on YouTube.

Of course, there are 100,000 YouTubers who do all kinds of tutorials, constructions, online lessons, etc.

That’s why there are tens of thousands who, through their strange talents, show on YouTube what I consider an interesting part of making money (i.e., strictly speaking, it is not strange, just different).

Here is a small example of this.

Turntable (vinyl)

Audio files say nothing like a vinyl turntable. It is one of those strangely satisfying things to hear and see at the same time.

Of course, if this is your thing, there are many YouTubers who excel at it. People like The Vinyl Broadcaster, drprogensteinphp, AtillaSVK, Wheels of Pleasure just to name a few.

They simply place a plate on the turntable and play it. That’s all.

A good shave and a haircut

Believe it or not, for those who like to shave with a good razor, nothing is more enjoyable than watching. So go cut.

Harry’s hairstyle is probably the most famous person on YouTube. Your mission? Go to any country in the world to shave and prune. He sits in a chair while his faithful girlfriend records the experience. In that case, he paid the market enough.


It’s not that hard to understand. Only people put a camera on the bike and ride the bike. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

One of the most famous names is Royal Jordanian, a cyclist in London who owns motorcycles with big exhaust noises and videos of how he drives people and scares people with the sound of his exhaust fumes. His daily observation videos are the best.

It’s been viewed over 100 million times already!

Others began circulating through him. Imagine that. It’s like Stig. No one has seen his face and they do not know who he is.

Red and blue lights

There are channels that spend time charging emergency vehicles. That’s all. For many, the sound of sirens is enough to ensure visibility.

Some popular YouTubers include Blue Light TV, Police Vids 999, and Cobra Emergency Videos, just to name a few.

ASMR and whisper

There is a whole subculture that gets excited when you hear the sound impulses. Known as the Autonomous Sensor Meridian Response (or ASMR), it essentially responds to sound, but in a very unique way. Put it together, I whisper! shh! yes, they talk softly to the camera and get 100,000 views!

Do you think this is strange? It is not so. When you see the number of subscribers and viewers, ASMR + Whisperers make a lot of money on YouTube.


Add an RPG to Whisper + ASMR and you are in a whole new world. The number of RPG videos recorded and whispered with a binaural microphone is good, nothing short of incredible.

To underestimate this, these YouTube artists spend a lot of time writing the screenplay, story, props, and so on. Good. It is not for nothing that they put their heart and soul into the videos.

Things crushed by a hydraulic press

If you have access to a hydraulic press, you can make money by breaking things. The two most popular channels on YouTube are Hydraulic Press Channel and Press Tube. You should see a few things that crush them, from gummy bears to blenders and everything in between. It is very likely that these people have crushed you.

Industrial circuit breakers

If you don’t like things broken under the hydraulic press, you’ll love industrial demolition hammers. Think about it, have you ever thought that a hydraulic press operator or industrial shredder could become YouTube stars? Well, they are. People like to see things destroyed in every possible way …

Dive into golf

Anyone who has ever played golf knows the dangers of a ball hitting a lake. Believe it or not, many people dive into the golf courses of these man-made lakes to collect golf balls.

Continue the next time you have a crazy idea for a video. You never know there might be a question for it.

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