COVID-19: Financial Assistance for SMBs

COVID-19: Financial Assistance for SMBs in 2021:

As small business supporters, we at Volusion are committed to providing information and resources to help you tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we are going to talk about financial aid for small and medium businesses.

How small and medium businesses face financial difficulties

Small businesses continue to re-evaluate their 2020 budget as they seek financial assistance for the economic crisis.


• 27% of small business owners in the US believe that coronavirus will affect sales

• 52% of small business owners in the US say they are taking steps to prepare for an economic crisis

• 30% of small business owners in the US expect the virus to have a moderate to large impact on their supply chain

Highlights for Evolution Trader

Queijaria Antonelli de Volusion optimized its commercial offer to maintain sales in these uncertain times. In addition to shipping your merchandise, including gift cards and monthly passes to the Cheese Club in the US, Antonelli’s offering has been expanded to include:

• In-transit baggage claim for local Austin customers

• Free delivery of favors to local customers in Austin at

• Remote social assistance packages

• Virtual cheese tasting courses

• Cheesemonger Live Virtual Shopping

Financial assistance for small and medium businesses

Below are links to financial aid currently offered to small businesses. New links start with an asterisk and we will update the list as new features become available.

Introducing Volusion Curbside

Local brick-and-mortar companies now face uncertainty. At Volusion, we believe in founders and entrepreneurs and their ability to enrich the lives of your friends, family, employees, and customers.

For companies that don’t have an eCommerce solution, Volusion offers the opportunity to build an online eCommerce presence, launch travel items and keep their communities active. We are proud to offer free hosting and physical payments via VOLT. This offer includes a free year of hosting on VOLT, our best e-commerce platform, using Volusion Payments.

Setting up a VOLT store gives you access to e-commerce revenue and door-to-door billing while maintaining more revenue – you don’t just have to rely on UberEats, Seamless or other delivery platforms to make sure the flow is not there. ‘start off. the table. . Most profits go to other services, but VOLT offers businesses a way to start an online business and keep their earnings. We also offer specialist help and guidance to businesses that want to connect to the internet.

Restore your revenue stream, sell your products online and provide local collection to your customers with VOLT.

The benefits of online activities

Adding e-commerce revenue to your business will help you weather the storms and give your customers a channel to continue their relationship with you. With your language, design options, and customer service, you can still give the same local taste that your customers know and love. You can even expand your reach and surprise new buyers around the world.

We want to hear from you

In this unprecedented time, it’s good to hear the stories of marketers doing what they can to combat the impact of COVID-19. If you provide essential services, we would like you to be a part of this program.

Resources for marketing and demand

As Small Business Supporters, we at Volusion are committed to providing information and resources to help you deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, we discuss its impact on marketing and useful marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies

It’s not because we live in uncertain times that you need to promote your business. Find out how the marketing industry is changing and how you can optimize your strategy for now.

Marketing tips during COVID-19

Make sure your marketing strategy is successful by considering these important marketing tips.

• 13 ways businesses can use SEO and marketing to combat the impact of the coronavirus

• Marketing in the time of the coronavirus: what it is and (many) what it is not

• 10 tips for digital marketing during a pandemic

• Avoid these general marketing challenges for your business

• How and why social media can be used for marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic

• Check out Cuba’s four tips to get your business back on track

• Brand marketing during the crown crisis

• Tips for public relations and marketing for businesses in the era COVID-19.

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