Card-Linked Offers: AmEx Offers Ameri Deals in 2021

Card-Linked Offers: AmEx Offers and Bank Ameri Deals:

Some credit cards offer limited-time special offers for their cardholders. “If you buy $ X from this position before the date, you will receive a Y credit on your account.” These transactions are called cards.

This differs from proof of purchase. Coupons are deducted from the total at the time of purchase. Card offers will be credited later. Coupons usually do not bother them in the form of payment. Card-linked offers are linked to a specific card you use to pay.

AmEx offers

AmEx Deals is a popular card-related listing program. If you have an American Express card issued by American Express (not Fidelity AmEx or PenFed AmEx), you will see offers when you register at This is what I see when I write:

They use certain goals and experiences to deliver different offers to different customers. As with coupons, you must “paste” the desired card. Collectors show their preferences so they can better target future offers.

The best way to get credit is to buy a gift card for places where you are still shopping. If the store does not sell gift cards, cut it all at once. So you use your card normally. Make sure you get the right one.

After adding offers to your card and making a qualifying purchase, you will receive an email from American Express confirming that you accept the offer. I usually pick up the phone when I leave the store before going to my car. The credit will be reserved in a few days, although official terms say it could take much longer.

According to the savings account, I have received more than $ 400 gift cards from AmEx since 2013. Recent credits include:

• Final smart credit supplement of $ 25 and $ 50 (three times; Arco gift cards purchased)

• $ 20 credit to spend $ 20 on (buy a Sams Club gift card; use it at with free in-store pickup)

• $ 20 credit for $ 20 Amazon purchases

• $ 25 in-store credit at Staples (buy an Amazon gift card)

I do not see any proactive notification options to tell me what new offers are being offered. From time to time, I browse through the list section when I log in to my account to see the transactions.

BancaAmeri offers

Bank of America has a similar program called BankAmeriDeals. You must activate it in the internet banking services under Offers and Special Offers. You will see a list of offers and add the one you want.

I see these offers as I write this:

• 10% refund on Bucca di Beppo, Chili’s and Applebee

• 10% refund on Nordstrom Rack, H&M, and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5th

• 10% refund at Office Depot or OfficeMax

• 10% refund at the Hampton Inn and Four Points at Sheraton

Unlike AmEx offers linked to a specific card, BankAmeriDeals is linked to you. If you have multiple banks of America cards, additional offers will apply regardless of which Bank of America card you use. It’s good that you do not have to worry about using a specific card, but it also means that you can double or triple the same offer if you have more cards.

By enabling it in your online banking services, you can receive emails when new offers are added. As with AmEx offers, you will receive a confirmation email when you receive an offer. It can take up to 60 days for your actual credit to be credited to your account.

For some reason, BankAmeriDeals offers do not exactly match my spending habits. I only earned 25 credits in one year. I almost got close to a shotgun. I would risk it all with a small chance and see who does it well. I have achieved few results so far. Maybe you have a better combination than mine.

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