Bizzabo Launches Global Partner Program in 2021

Bizzabo Launches Global Partner Program(GPP):

This new program allows partners to leverage Bizzabo’s successful platform and experience to attract, retain and grow their customers and generate revenue.

The Bizzabo Partner program is officially active from today! This new venture will enable B2B agencies, systems integrators, software, and other technology and service providers to grow and expand their business, bringing Bizzabo’s proprietary technology and operational experience to potential and potential customers.

The program began with our recent announcement that Bizzabo will be partnering with Adobe in its Exchange Partner program. And now we have formalized and extended the program to potential partners who want to work together to make an impact on the events industry.

The program allows partners to manage, measure, and expand professional events around the world in any format: virtual, in-person, or hybrid. By participating in the program, our partners also gain access to exclusive resources to grow their business, including marketing, business development, sales, and support.

Our goal is simple. Helping our partners connect their experience with our successful solutions and opportunities so they can grow their business and improve customer relationships.

Our goal at Bizzabo is to bring people together and make opportunities more rewarding for everyone involved. And we know we are not alone. With the launch of this program, we are committed to empowering a partner community to help customers create compelling experiences and transform opportunities into growth sectors for their business.

Bizzabo’s global partner program supports:

• Partnership Agencies: Creative and opportunity agencies can work closely with Bizzabo to recommend the right engagement strategy and solutions for client needs. In addition to Bizzabo’s frictionless UX agency, Bizzabo provides business development and support resources to help agencies deliver the most effective and engaging experience for a wide variety of brands.

Go-to-Market Partners – Organizations working with marketing and event personnel can partner with Bizzabo to report and resell the Bizzabo platform, expanding their product offering portfolio with a holistic, virtual, hybrid, and personalized solution. while the credibility and the relationship with the industry. strengthen. Bizzabo recently partnered with Adobe to help B2B marketers unlock the power of events and capture attendee insights to optimize scoring, nutrition, purpose, and attribution.

• Partnerships for solutions and integration: companies with advanced technology platforms can help their customers integrate Bizzabo into their event business and generate a return on the opportunity (ROE) based on their profits.

• Other launch partners include DCE Productions, in what language, Pigeonhole Live, and Brightcove.

• This program is one of many ways we are investing $ 138 million in the future of events to meet the global demand for virtual and hybrid solutions.

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