Analytics Fintech is Ruling the World in 2021

Data and AnalyticsFintech are Ruling the World:

Data is worthless if you don’t have a tool to analyze and visualize it! Simply put, an analytics tool can become a straw for raw, unstructured amorphous data.

Imagine a rural town with AgentBanking, while Agent Fintech visits your customer with a smartphone and shows a bar graph of your expenses, the interest you earn on your savings, and the obligations you have. Then he goes to the next table, where he can see how much he has to save each month to pay for his son’s college and new farm equipment. Or how about a HealthTech tool that makes national customers understand where they can buy cheap drugs and how much they can save!

Welcome to the world of Analytics!

• How many Fintech companies spend on analytics?

IDC expects the analytics and big data market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% by 2020. Another Accenture survey found that 71% of companies worldwide are engaged in big research data and predictive analytics.

• How does Analytics help Fintech companies and banks?

Structuring raw data and putting it into tables or graphs can be more interesting than doing Excel for a client. This is one of the reasons why banks or fintech companies use an analytics tool. Some of the other reasons are:

To discover

If you need critical data points, you can use the Explore tab. Just enter your search criteria and press the button, all data points from the series will appear on the screen in seconds. For example, if we ask for agents, we receive their commission here and in other areas.

to see

Create the visualization template you want – choose from a wide variety of maps, enter the dataset, choose the order and color codes and you’re ready for a vivid visualization.

Control panel

By default, when the user logs in to the Analytics tool, they are taken to the dashboard page. The dashboard page shows the different combinations of datasets predefined by a user.

For example, if the company wants to know transaction status over a period of time, it can define a filter on the View tab with card type, X and Y-axis parameters, an order sample, and save. And what you see on the dashboard is a colored bar chart that shows the status of your trade.

Develop the Tools and Administration tab

Developer Tools are for people who want to customize their screens. A user can use the console to search for relevant data and deliver results in a vivid format.

On the Administration tab, the user can customize advanced options or default options; you can also save or delete your articles.

Dashboard access rights can be managed according to different roles such as Administrator, Agent, Customer, or Company. A user can be restricted or have full access to a dashboard.

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