5 global trends in mobile banking in 2018

Worldwide, the BFSI industry is facing vital real-life signals, global trends mobile and easy to find any time, anywhere, it continues to grow into a popular choice. global trends Mobile phones have become one of the most important ways for banks to better serve their customers and reduce usage. Banks are upgrading their global trends mobile phones and services to satisfy potential customers and accelerate tax growth.

The year 2018 has already started with many projects in the field of mobile banking. Let’s take a look at five phone styles this year:

The idea of a bank is complicated

Today, banks are looking for better consumer systems for financial professionals to communicate with their customers instead of going to a branch. They investigate the use of AI and chat rooms to teach the basics to ordinary people. It allows banks to provide financial and social information.

AI and beautiful chat robots

Infidelity websites can save you billions of dollars. Now, this is due to an overview of the text messaging series and the protocol of one of Australia’s leading exchange systems, which is expected to change many of the clean and transparent Blockchain businesses.

In 2017, Bank of America announced the new “Erica” conversation to enable customers to seek help with their financial thinking. Erica uses analytics and analytics to help customers switch multiple banks without joining an affiliate. Customers can pay, check their balloons, save money and even pay a bill. Customers can access Erica via mobile phone and can use voice or text messaging to communicate.

By using artificial injection molds all the time, the bank becomes a company that pays and benefits greatly from AI banking. Again, a robotics program can provide better and deeper knowledge of financial matters than a bank clerk. Therefore, banks intend to consider it as one of the planned changes in 2018.

The Internet of Things and the voice have borne fruit

Today, everything from cars to smart home appliances has a wide range of voice control and is expected to grow significantly. Many global companies, such as MasterCard, Samsung, Amazon, and LG, have introduced new wallets and phones. These new tools allow users to order and pay for purchases using only their own voice.

Drivers are also starting to do. Others, such as Daimler Financial Services, part of the Mercedes group, have even mentioned the availability of Pay Cash as an alternative to getting Mercedes Pay as an e-wallet. They saw this as an important step in increasing the number of vehicles in services, such as horses, distribution vehicles, and all other paid vehicles.

Block circuit technology

In 2017, when companies created a Blockchain to disrupt the mobile phone business, it was discovered that Blockchain technology could overcome many of the challenges faced by mobile banks. As the world becomes smaller and less efficient and driven by cards, electronic wallets are becoming popular.

However, security is still an important issue in digital business. Blockchain technology, which treats high security as its core business, can prevent many bank scams, such as theft, duplicate fraud, and price controls. Blockchain protection

 Most of the signed letters seem to remain untrue to this new practice and faith.

Circuits block fast and rapid delivery of payment. Along with speed and security, service costs have also been reduced. Because mobile phones are expensive and used by people, they are easily accessible to people. That is why it is estimated that there will be many protection options in 2018.

Bank read

The introduction of some features in the API seems like implantation in the future, although it has gradually started in the implantation stage. By providing expertise to financial institutions, they become more flexible in the activities they offer. Licensed in 2016, German giant Solaris Bank gives its customers the freedom to choose their own banking module and create a custom banking platform for their customers.

As a result, new mandatory banks, other fintech startups, and adult banks are targeted at consumers and can identify and offer better phones and better ways for consumers to make money.

The Open Bank Project provides APIs to protect the website of a strong team of employees and a third-party development partner. It is expected that there will be an active interest in the 2018 program and open APIs.

Now, banks are moving faster from home to smartphones. Yes, mobile banking is just getting started, but with so much access to mobile phones and dropouts, the industry will see a big change. A new phenomenon is coming and the banking sector is seeing change, not in the form of banking as we know it today.

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