12 Pivot Points To Save Your Business

According to our various correspondents and the correlation of the results, it seems that the following points are most requested by almost all money transfer operators in the world.

1.Access to the bank.

Be able to have a bank account in your name that is commercial, understands financial matters, and has the ability to send money abroad. All this at a relatively low cost for MSB / MTO.

2. Local payment processing.

mainly ACH payments (for the United States). Looking for relationships with banking or payment institutions that offer cheap ACH processing for US MTOs.

3. Obtaining the card and payment processing.

Be able to accept debit cards (credit cards were low in the list of requirements) and process at a relatively lower merchant discount rate (MDR).

4. Foreign / non-territorial banking relationship.

Keep connected bank accounts out of your authorized environment, which can lead to almost overpaid / pseudo-correspondents and paid-off delivery services. Turkey and Europe are the favorite places.

5. Expand the payment network.

Improve and expand the existing network of matching networks, reduce back-office time and effort, and reduce refinancing capital. High demand and need for liquidity on demand and pre-financing.

6. Online Web-Based System Most money

transfer operators have a huge need to expand their online business without investing much in developing their own solutions, without increasing the number of IT staff, and without worrying about the complexity of ownership and maintenance of a complex. . base code for the software product. The system should cover all aspects of online transactions, eKYC, user registration, transaction tracking system, fraud management, payment processing, etc. Deck. Covered area. For the record.

7.Full license options (collaboration).

Extend the scope of your license without collaborating with competitors? The way it should be structured is that there is no competition and that the link architecture is used as it was done with the original MLS (multiple listing service, not to be confused with NMLS).

8.More vertical product offering.

To offer more than just money transfers to customers. You want to be able to issue tickets, invoices, mobile speeches, and other vertically integrated services without any pre-investment.

9.Seriousness due to improper payments to Neo Bank.

 Gain access to your existing customer base and move to a more revenue-generating base and provide advanced financial services to your customers (wallets, debit cards, credit-based products, etc.) that can help you increase your earnings.

10. Small value transfers and real-time micropayments.

The world is slowly moving towards small value transfers and international micropayments. How can you get in and participate in the car?

11. Increase in business.

 If you are expanding your service offering with B2B, B2C, and other types of payments, and if you have a physical network, how can you use that part of a global network of physical locations for joint transfers?

12. Introduction to cryptocurrency.

How can you get started with cryptocurrency without compromising existing business relationships, especially banks, payment processing, and kosher products with the regulator?

If you like one of the twelve points, maybe we should talk about it. Our company has been working on these challenges for the past four years and is proud that we have finally overcome all the above obstacles and provide a pragmatic solution for existing money transfer operators, service providers, and money service providers. companies, etc.

This is your wish list.

This is our delivery list. This is not a dream. Today we offer all these services. You may not be ready for all services on the first day, but rest assured: this is the result of a partnership with more than 100 money transfer operators and more than 1000 fintechs we’ve talked to over the years.

You can take one of two positions. Draw the above and prepare your business for the future, otherwise, you dive into the present, which means you will eventually grow older.

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