Worldline pays €256 million for an 80% stake in Eurobank Merchant Acquiring

Payment processor Worldline is to buy an 80% stake in Eurobank Merchant Acquiring, one of the main acquirers in Greece with a 20% market share.

Eurobank Merchant Acquiring holds 219 million approved transactions each year, representing 7 billion payments in a portfolio of 190,000 cash contacts and 123,000 transactions.

The transaction of EUR 256 million will take place six months after the customer has signed a withdrawal of 92.5% of the card link from the bank and Alpha Bank network service provider.

The bank will add € 35 million in cash to close at a two-year growth rate over the next four years.

Worldline’s man has grown in the Greek market, noting that Euronet (Piraeus), EVO Payments (National Bank), and Nexi (Alpha bank) are more involved in book acceptance in Greece than Eurobank.

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