Westpac extends the digital gambling block feature

Westpac has expanded the blocking chain to two million credit card subscribers at its St George subsidiaries, BankSA and Bank Melbourne.

Westpac announced its position earlier this year, allowing cardholders to quickly apply to gambling offices via mobile phone or online banking.

It is widely available with Westpac credit cards and credit card buyers in St George, BankSA, and Melbourne Bank.

Part of the bank now adds the blockchain to other cards and operates independently for lenders under the age of 18.

Catherine Fitzpatrick, vice president of small and secure businesses at Westpac, said the digital network has operated more than 30,000 times since its inception.

“The financial crisis is still a serious problem in Australia, and while many people are searching the internet during this epidemic, digital media was shown to the public. Buy so you can spend your money anywhere.”

Lauren Levin, director of financial advice at Australia, adds: “Research has shown that the more you play, the more you fund the challenge. A blockchain is a simple tool that helps many people.”

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