Visa to pilot request to pay bill management platform in the UK

Visa is to use its request-to-pay platform to pilot a consolidated bill payment and subscription management service for UK consumers.

Visa is working with partners, including Revive Management’s digital invoicing system and the Family Emergency Assistance Advertising Service, which will give customers the unique opportunity to change payment dates, split invoices, and more, including paying less money, sending invoices to someone is directly related to an invoice collector.

Being an integrated mailbox that combines regular payment methods, the new Visa platform offers a clear overview of all global currencies. Starting with the borrower submitting a payment request to the customer, they can agree to pay in full or in full at their discretion.

Alternatively, they may request a salary, request an extension, terminate a payment plan, or refuse to pay through a server network.

In addition, the site has the opportunity to support payments by various means including loans and credit cards or overdrafts.

Pilot Partner Revive Management provides a web-based platform used by businesses to provide services to over 70% of the UK population. Enhanced Dignity for a pilot should see many of its users offer their customers the ability to pay bills through the Visa application.

Mark Nelsen, SVP, Products, Europe, Visa, says: “Most people have a long list of common debts to keep – from gas, electricity or water, to mobile phones, emergency services, and regular transportation. The number of subscriptions is growing. Our new personal payment service combines these funds into a single, easy-to-use platform that allows customers to pay as they please, handling multiple payments with different invoices and logins.

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