United Fintech Announces Acquisition of Trading Analytics Firm FairXchange

As the first seller in several areas to gain full ownership, United Fintech acquired a 25% stake in London FairXchange (“Company”) in undisclosed funds in a joint venture in its digital form. Brokers use FairXchange’s innovative analytics tool to make data communication with their partners easier, clearer, and more transparent. And according to Christian Frahm, CEO of United Fintech, FairXchange is in line with United Fintech’s plan to prepare leading capital market products to expand worldwide using United Fintech-based promotions.

Horizon, FairXchange’s commercial real estate product, is used by a wide range of clients, including many financial institutions around the world, and with its launch on the United Fintech platform, we hope to continue to grow and develop. FairXchange With the product. Fintech has become part of the company’s portfolio and FairXchange has the opportunity to grow building assets with our customers, a profit fair to both parties – and a shock to United Fintech, which is making its third sale in one an, “said Christian Frahm, noting that the acquisition will not affect day-to-day operations. FairXchange employees and, on a commercial basis, United Fintech Horizon have represented up to six major global banks, which use and own their product.

From start-up to scale-up

In the coming years, United Fintech’s ambition is to complete a wide range of ready-to-make fintech fashions and showcase the product market, revenue sources, and growth potential; developing a “one-stop-shop” fintech could help international banks-and become a market leader in this niche. The goal is to help large banks and financial institutions acquire new technology quickly, and according to FairXchange founder and CEO, former Morgan Stanley CEO, Guy Hopkins, the Fintech platform is the most appropriate.

Banks at slow motion in a lightspeed world

With over 100 employees in Copenhagen, London, New York, Berlin, and Romania, and all three completed sales, it may come as a surprise to launch Fintech in November 2020 last year during the Corona crisis. However, it took a long time for United Fintech for Christian Frahm, born in Denmark, who in 2016 sold his former fintech company CFH Group to the UK -based Playtech Plc. Although the secret design gave Frahm a similar face to fintech, Dane’s dream of “protecting big banks from big technologies” – a statement that became United Fintech’s motto – was not fulfilled. And according to Christian Frahm, fintech is what all business financiers will try to think of in the future; compete with threats from startups and scale-ups like Stripe, Revolut, and others like Big Tech and Silicon Valley.

“City and Wall Street will suffer more damage in the next 10 years than in the last 100 years. The whole company is desperately looking for the latest ideas and products. World. And banks don’t need new partners, they can speed up and adapt “and getting FairXchange is a great example of how you can do that,” Christian Frahm concludes.

About FairXchange

FairXchange specializes in financial market research and provides clarity and clarity in the creation and presentation of independent data. This product, Horizon, is designed to facilitate effective communication, data sharing between customers, and help them identify opportunities. FairXchange is completely independent and is not affiliated with any financial services provider or trading platform.

About United Fintech

United Fintech acquires and measures new fintech in larger markets and creates a fintech platform where financial institutions can drive the transition to more advanced technology. In addition to FairXchange, the current acquisition of United Fintech includes NetDania, which provides market data, APIs, market indicators, full white name segment tables, and TTM Zero, which is in the full development of RegTech technology and Capital Markets Tech solutions. The London-led United Fintech team has international experts in all aspects of building, growing, and expanding the fintech business.

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