Unchain Fund Launches Charity Crypto Debit Card for Ukraine

Unchain Fund’s crypto debit card will support vulnerable Ukranians hit by the war with Russia by providing funds to women and children.

The global cryptocurrency charity Unchain Fund has launched a new digital card to support Ukrainian war veterans.

The real card, called the Unchain Help Card, is a digital debit card that helps provide the most needed funds directly to the most vulnerable in conflict – women and children.

According to reports, the Unchain Fund is a global cryptographic organization that assists in collecting and organizing humanitarian funds in Ukraine. Its removal includes migration support, communication systems, medicine, cyber security tools, security, food, and more.

Issued in cooperation with the Ukrainian cryptocurrency start card Weld Money together with Unnex Bank – a card that can be used to make daily payments and withdrawals. To qualify for the allowance, the allowance is set at € 25 per person per week.

The Unchain Fund is supported and currently accepts donations in 14 blockchains – NEAR, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Harmony, Polygon, Avalanche, Gnosis, Polkadot, IoTeX, Terra, Bitcoin, and Moonbeam in various cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency donations offered to help Ukrainian refugees

The charity card program came about thanks to the generosity of international donations to help Ukrainians over the grace of the conflict.

An estimated $ 7.5 million in cryptographic donations worldwide has already been donated for distribution assistance.

Thus, the number of applications currently exceeds the size of the wallet, and the organization encourages cryptocurrency holders to continue donating to raise awareness and access to their true love card. To date, the fund has received more than 12,000 card applications.

Unchain Fund’s crypto debit card prioritises single mothers and young children

Credit assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis to single mothers with newborns, Ukrainian women with one child under six, and people living in high-risk areas.

Applicants must interview the Unchain chat robot by presenting their temporary ID card from the Diia e-government of Ukraine or an identity document and their tax code, as well as their children’s ID.

The Digital MasterCard is issued automatically and is available for immediate use through Google Pay and Apple Pay or the Onex Bank application. A statement issued by the Unconsider Fund also said that individuals would benefit up to four times as much from the automatic switchover.

Unchain crypto debit card bridging the war-poverty gap

Commenting on the new card and its use, Alexei Meretsky, founder of the Unchain Fund, explained:

Rev Miller, the co-founder of the Unchain Fund, said a cryptocurrency is a new form of charity. “As we continued to fund the Ukrainian people’s aid agencies, we wanted to find a way to cut off the representatives and get the money directly to the most vulnerable in the war – mothers and their children.”

Unchain plans to continue its funding of Ukrainian war victims

To date, the Unchain Fund has funded more than $ 4 million for organizations, volunteers, and direct support groups, including the “I Support Ukraine” group in Mariupol, the Ohmadyt Children’s Hospital in Kyiv, and others.

Assistance selects recipients according to ten principles and distributes money through multi-signature systems in cryptocurrency and fiat. Honestly, fundraising information is available on the Unchain Fund’s website and the organization is overseen by Crowe Global, the world’s leading accounting network.

The service is managed by a community of 3,000+ donors and volunteers who work in Ukraine and around the world and use wallet gifts in many proteins, including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Harmony, Avalanche, NEAR, Celo, and Polkadot.

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